Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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    The reaction was mixed--but not angry, even as early conceptual designs were seen long before the actual version made its debut.

    I was a long-time TOS fan by the time TMP rolled around in '79, and loved the original Enterprise (i'm sure I made AMT happy for a decade), but I did not think the change was drastic. The metallic paint scheme of TMP-E seemed sort of odd, but overall, the new design felt like a natual change, not "oooh, look how strange and glossy we made this" just for the hell of it, which I feel is the case with the nuTrek E.
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    That car looks like the inspiration for the TNG dustbuster phaser. ;)
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    I remember the biggest brouhaha being about the silly uniforms, not so much the ship redesign, which we all sort of saw coming what with it coming after Star Wars & all
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    There is no bigger Trek than TMP.

    There is no comparison.

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