Zee Magnees Prize Winners

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    OK I don't know if I'm spelling it right, but did anyone else win the Zee Magnees Prize other than Dr. Richard Daystrom, if so, who, and for what?
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    Well, Ira Graves in TNG "The Schitzoid Man" had a diploma on his wall saying (for those with eagle eyes, cybernetic enhancements or access to the book ST: The Continuing Mission, p. 76) that he got the prize for "outstanding work in the field of cybernetics and AI in the development of the positronic neural processing network". Might be there was something to his claim that he taught Noonien Soong everything Soong knew...

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Timo is correct: Dr. Richard Daystrom won both the Nobel and Zee Magnees prizes (said on dialogue) and Ira Graves has a certificate on his wall that indicates that he, too, won it. Just as lots of people have been awarded the annual Nobel Prize over the years, presumably the Zee Magneese is also given out on some periodic basis. We don't really know what kinds of things the prize is meant to acknowledge.

    Memory Alpha entry here:

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    The Zee Magnees prize is given for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, if I'm not mistaken. But unlike the Nobel, there's no monetary award, and you have to go to Brightmoor, Michigan to pick it up (hint: you won't want to park your car).

    So the Zee is an honor, but it's not "all that."
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    I've got two.
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    Harry Mudd ran a congame where he exchanged false Zee Magnees Prizes for technology in outer colonies, promising financial rewards.

    Not really, but sounds like something Harry would do.