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    Right here buddy.
    I got something...

    Captain/Lead Chef: Guinan
    First Officer/Morale Officer: Quark
    Security Chief/Tactical/Secondary Chef/Secondary Morale Officer: Neelix
    Chief Operations/Science Officer: Swenson (for martial arts competitions)
    Chief Engineer: Scotty (with whiskey)
    Helmsman: Miles O'Brien (with whiskey)
    Medical Chief: The Doctor (a new one to leave on)
    Counselor/Tailor: Elim Garak (Because who else could give Guinan advice?)
    Ship: An Olympic class named the USS Loveboat
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    The crew of the Oberth-Class courier, U.S.S. Farnsworth (Planet Delivery Ship was taken), they are far from the best of the best that Starfleet has to offer, and HQ may come to regret putting them all together on a single ship.

    Commanding Officer – Captain Harry Kim
    Given a Nu-Kirk style promotion (from Ensign straight to Captain) just to keep him from moaning, he’s given the Farnsworth just to get him out from everyone’s feet

    First Officer – Lieutenant Erika Benteen
    After her role in Admiral Leyton’s coup she was busted down to lieutenant and kept about as an example to others, so she has a serious chip on her shoulder—made worse by her new posting

    Chief Security Officer – Ensign Janice Rand
    Always more of the damsel in distress than anything else

    Chief Conn/Ops Officer – Ensign Travis Mayweather
    He can just about handle sitting, pushing buttons and saying, “Aye sir”

    Chief Engineer – Chief Petty Officer Lon Suder
    No one likes to be in the engine room when he is on duty, nor does anyone ever complain about his work

    Chief Purser / Steward – Mr Quark
    Onboard to see to passenger comfort and welfare, he’ll swindle them out over every slip of latinum they have

    Chief Medical Officer – Doctor Crell Mosset
    Even if faced with your deathbed you wouldn’t want to see this sadistic physician

    Cargo Transferral Operative (aka Delivery Boy) – Crewman Jonathan Archer
    He’s not much use for anything else
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    May 24, 2013
    Right here buddy.
    Ultimate Temporal agents
    Ship: USS Relativity
    Captain: Janeway (alternate future)
    First Officer: Data
    Conn: Icheb (future)
    Security Chief/Tactical: Temporal Agent Daniels
    Chief Operations/Science Officer: Seven of Nine
    Chief Engineer: Miles O'Brien (he took temporal mechanics during his time at the Academy)
    Medical Chief: Bashir (who also took temporal mechanics)
    Chef: Guinan