Your top 10 moments...

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    10. The Battle of the Mutara Nebula in The Wrath of Khan: James T. Kirk at his best and reminiscent of "Balance of Terror" from TOS.

    9. Decker merges with V'Ger in The Motion Picture: a great scene with a beautiful musical score that culminates in the Enterprise warping off to her next adventure.

    8. Kirk and Spock in the latter's quarters in TWOK: an underrated scene that speaks to Spock's wisdom and selflessness, recognizing both that his friend needs to be in command of Enterprise again, and that it's also best for the crew to have him as their leader.

    7. Spock's death scene in TWOK: as much as people like to paint The Wrath of Khan as Kirk and Khan's movie, I've always felt that it's as much about Kirk and Spock's friendship as it is Kirk and Khan's enmity. Although I know that Spock returns in the following film, this scene always has a finality to it, as though Spock is really dying. Splendid acting by both Shatner and Nimoy.

    6. The Battle of Khitomer in The Undiscovered Country. Another great scene involving Kirk and an adversary. I've always liked Spock and McCoy teaming up to rig the photon torpedo, as well as Sulu imploring his helmsman to floor it in order to reach the battle in time.

    5. The reintroduction of the Enterprise in The Motion Picture. People complain about it being too slow and redundant. But I've never minded. Every time the Enterprise comes into view and Goldsmith's theme begins, I know precisely how Kirk feels.

    4. Stealing the Enterprise in The Search for Spock. It's really the entire sequence that begins with Kirk and Morrow's conversation in the officers' lounge and finally ends with Excelsior grinding to a halt in Earth orbit. But the actual theft of the ship from dock is amazing, as is the look on Styles' face when he realizes his ship has been sabotaged.

    3. "Jim. Your name is Jim." That the theme from TOS is used makes this scene even more emotional.

    2. George and Gracie sing to the Probe in The Voyage Home. One of Star Trek's most underrated moments for the following reason: Trek is portrayed primarily as a show of human exploits and accomplishments. But this scene depicts Earth being saved not by humans but by whales- a perfect illustration of Gene Roddenberry's vision: seeking out new life isn't merely about finding alien civilizations but about learning new things about those on our own planet.

    1. "James T. Kirk, it is the judgement of this Council that you be reduced in rank... to captain. And that as a consequence of your new rank, you be given the duties for which you have repeatedly demonstrated unswerving ability: the command of a starship." I... uh... have something in my eye.

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    1. The end of The Undiscovered Country, specifically from the start of the battle above Khitomer to the end of the movie. Exciting and emotional at the same time

    2. The end of Generations when the crew is going through the records. Picard's dialog about time and what it means was really poignant and it's one reason I don't hate the movie as much as other people do.

    3. First Contact with the Vulcans

    4. The reveal of the Enterprise A at the end of TVH

    5. Chekov's interrogation scene in TVH

    6. That battle inside the Mutura Nebula

    7. The final 20 or so minutes of The Wrath of Khan. McCoy asked Jim how he feels and his reply was "I feel...young."

    8. Circling around the Enterprise in The Motion Picture

    9. Spock's mind-meld with Pike in Into Darkness. I really liked that character arc in the entire movie, Spock struggling with Emotions and the scene in the shuttle

    10. The Yosemite scenes in The Final Frontier. I don't think the movies did a good enough job capturing the spirit of the friendship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy but this movie at least tried and did so pretty well for all of it's other faults.
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    This thread is awesome. :techman:

    I really enjoy reading all these and hope to see a lot more.
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    Totally agree, glad I started it, I've really enjoyed reading other peoples best bits, it's triggering my memory and making me re-evaluate my own, for example: The Enterprise launch in TUC, the look kirk and co exchange on the bridge as the ship leaves the dock - gives me a lump in my throat every time, never thought to put it on my list before but since people have put little character bits in instead of big set pieces (in the main) it's given me food for thought...
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    One thing I like about the Trek movies is that there can be good moments even in the bad films.

    1) TMP - Spock's post-V'ger walk speech
    2) TWOK - Khan removing gloves and face mask - fantastic movie reveal (or any of Montalban's speeches)
    3) TSFS - Stealing the Enterprise sequence (sublime combination of vfx, editing and music)
    4) TFF - Bones' dying father & that 'God' scene (+ the great Barrier music)
    5) INS - Picard's mambo
    6) NEM - first appearance of Scimitar "she's a predator"
    7) 09 - Chekov's 'I can do zat...'
    8) ID - Harrison/Khan prison cell reveal; Vengeance attack.
    9) FC - any scene with Picard and Lily (esp where shows her Earth first time)
    10) GEN - Duras sisters revulsion :). And the crash seq still holds up.
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    Loving number 9, classic Jean-Luc

    Vengeance attack - Just watched STID again recently, and I wish the warp chase had gone on for longer, with the Enterprise getting a few shots back, the noise the Vengeance makes is absolutely incredible
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    Lets see this is in no particular order just how they come to my head

    1) In The Final Frontier when Kirk says he knows he won't die alone and also when he alludes that Spock and McCoy are like his family. TFF isn't a great movie, but man does it have a lot of great trio moments.

    2) All the McCoy as Spock moments in TSFS. I especially love when he tries to do the nerve pinch on the guy in the bar. lol

    3) Also from TSFS when McCoy says he doesn't want to lose Spock again.

    4) Spock's death scene in Wrath of Khan. Not because I am sad that Spock is dying because I know he is coming back but just because it is a great friendship scene between Kirk & Spock

    5) Sulu and Chekov going camping together in TFF. It's just a small scene but I always kind of thought of them as friends so I liked that this film sort of acknowledged that.

    6) McCoy curing the old lady of Kidney failure in TVH.

    7) The first time we see the Enterprise in TMP. I don't think it has ever looked more beautiful.

    8) The ending of the Search for Spock..."Your Name is Jim" but also McCoy tapping his head.

    I have to think about my other favorite moments. Don't want to just add anything so I will edit this post. :)
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    In no special order.

    The Klingon intro in TMP.

    The crash of the Enterprise D in Generations.

    The Enterprise rising up from behind the Reliant in TWOK ready to fire.

    The Vengeance not only chasing the Enterprise down at warp but blowing her right out of warp as well very violently.

    The stealing of the Enterprise in Star Trek III.

    The destruction of the Enterprise in Star Trek III.

    Lily Sloane standing up to Picard in First Contact.

    The phaser battle on the Narada.

    The fight on Kronos in Into Darkness.

    The torpedo going though the saucer section in Star Trek IV.

    Of course such a list can does change from time to time. ;)
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    Some good moments:

    Borg Queen: "Watch your future's End..............DATA!!!!!"

    The entire "We are one big, happy fleet!" scene.

    The campfire scene. So relaxing.

    The Dinner Scene.

    Chang: "I'm constant as the northerrrn starrrr!!!"
    Bones: "I'd give real money if he'd shut up"

    The Arrival of the Probe. That sound!!!

    Kirk selling his reading glasses:
    Spock: "But weren't those a birthday gift from Dr. McCoy?"
    Kirk: "And they will be again, that's the beauty of it."

    Soren to Geordi: "Normal is what everyone else is and you are not"

    Crusher to Data: "Fun" "Do something unexpeced. Get it?"
    Data: "Got it." Throws Crusher into the water. LOL

    Kruge blowing up Valkris's ship because she has seen the data.
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    Don't forget the scene where Klaa shoots the Pioneer probe to smithereens. Always liked that one.
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    Yeah that's not too bad I suppose, most of the offending effects shots in TFF are near the end of the film when they clearly ran out of cash
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    The Klingon intro in TMP, another contender to reshuffle my list, superb music and camera angles. Those D7's didn't feature enough in the TOS movies, I love the design of them, had a die cast model that fired discs when I was a kid, hope we see them in action in ST3.

    Enterprise D crash - brilliant use of models, that lends a realistic edge to the scene which still holds up very well considering its almost 20 years old
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    10. TWOK "I don't like to lose."

    9. The Search for Spock "My God, Bones. What have I done?"

    8. The Search for Spock "Jim. You're name is Jim."

    7. Sybok "cures" McCoy and Spock -- the shining light in a turd of a movie.

    6. "It never occurred to me to take Gorkon at his word." Kirk finally realizes that he has been wrong and prejudiced while still sitting in jail.

    5. The first 10 minutes of Star Trek (2009). The death of Kirk's father, the birth of James T. How he got his name, and Nero is truly ominous in his most terrifying and effective scenes in the movie. It had me pumped in the movie theater. Upon review, not one of the better Trek films, but those scenes make it worthwhile.

    4. The trial scene in Star Trek VI. I can do it verbatim. James T. Kirk finally has all of his crap thrown back at him. His hatred, his decision to rescue Spock. He finally faces some consequences. Chang is marvelous as he's lying to the audience. He is a great orator, and the scene's pace, from very slow and brooding to fiery makes it one of the best I have seen.

    3. Picard saying "How old are you?" to Anij to Geordi looking at the sunset. This movie did some actual exploring. Not just exposition of the mouse trap we have the Enterprise crew in, but we explore the culture of the Ba'ku. Geordi drives home what Picard and crew will be leaving behind--his eyesight and curing disease. It's subtle, poignant, and it's like water for a dying man who's tired of having earth or the Enterprise in peril.

    2. Spock crying in The Motion Picture. Spock has some of the best lines in the movie, describing the problem with V'Ger and what V'Ger seeks. But the single tear down the cheek is still one of my favorite moments. People forget, because they have seen the movie, that Spock wasn't trusted in this one. He was on a personal quest, one that set up nicely to show him at peace in TWOK.

    1. The Death of Spock--The emotional climax and epilogue of The Wrath of Khan still brings me to tears when I watch it. There's so much history between these two characters and we have a chance to say goodbye to Spock, something left undone when they killed Data.
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    Digging number 3, I always liked that bit too, I love the way Picard asks 'how old are you' great delivery of the line from Sir Patrick