Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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    ^Okay. That works for me. :techman:

    So...what's your guess as to what that building was?
  2. Sci

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    No clue. It's a big city and that scene had plenty of tall buildings; big cities tend to be full of such things. Perhaps it's the Federation Central Bank? A residential complex? Central office for the Federation News Service or United Press Interstellar or Bolarus and You? Home office for Amnesty Interstellar or Sentients Rights Watch? Corporate headquarters for the United Dilithium Company? Or for General Duotronics? The Earth office of Janus Mining? A Federation government office? A United Earth government office? Office space belonging to Undeieela's Secret? Deneva-Universal Enterprises Ltd.? Federation Duranium? The East Coridan Trading Company? Federation Express? The Federation Displaced Persons Agency? The Earth Cargo Service? The Shratha Transportation Company?
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    um, isn't the palais over a ROAD?

    the Royal Yacht was called 'Britannia', so you suggesting 'Federation'?

    QUICK! someone shop the Naboo Royal Cruiser from TPM!
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    It's on the site of the present-day Place de la Concorde, a major public square in Paris. Memory Beta has an excellent ariel photo of the Place here.

    Erm, once again, A Singular Destiny seems pretty explicit. The President's ship is called Paris One, and as it's italicized, that strongly implies that it's a ship's name rather than a call sign.
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    Cool! :techman: (about both parts of the comments!)

    That has to be the easiest office job in the Federation!
    'What shall we do today?'
    'Same as yesterday. Nothing!'

    Yeah, my bad.
    'and of course, the Champs Elysees, which ran under the cylindrical 15 story structure...'
    Pg 15, Articles of the Federation

    Though I think the French prefer to think of the Champs Elysees as an 'Avenue' to Road!

    No I was merely stating in response to Christophers comment of Air Force One just being a callsign, that some nations have dedicated ships/craft of state.
    Federation! would be a terrible name for a vessel as it sounds like an off-broadway play.

    They may be on to me...:shifty:
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    Depends on which side of the "does the Federation have money?" debate you fall on. I've outlined numerous instances where the Federation is depicted as possessing a monetary system. And if nothing else, the obliteration of numerous worlds by the Borg has likely re-introduced to the Federation economy the state of scarcity; I wouldn't be surprised if money makes a "comeback," so to speak, in the wake of the Borg Invasion.

    And we're not flyin' solo!
    Oh, no, we're flyin' free!
    And to the quadrant's nations
    Take a message back from me
    We've formed the United
    We've united
    In a federation!
    And soon we'll match them in renown!
    And nobody in Quadrant Alpha,
    No Rom'lan that there is or was
    Is ever gonna bring
    Us down!

    (To the tune of "Defying Gravity" from the musical Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz [2003].)
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    Titan, da Vinci and though its a space station and not a ship I am in love with Vanguard.
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    My uncle is a crewman on a large fishing boat (Brazil) with a crew of forty, the ship doesn't have a medical bay, instead they have two large suitcases locked up in the gallery. Full of medical gear and drugs. Would a tiny starship have a dedicated a sick bay?

  9. Christopher

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    ^I'm sure your uncle's fishing boat isn't away from port for months at a time. If someone on that boat is seriously hurt, the contents of those large suitcases can be used to keep them stable until the boat can get into port and call an ambulance. We're talking about a spaceship that's travelling far, far beyond known space and can't rely on having a friendly port nearby. So yes, it would need fully equipped medical facilities.

    Anyway, if you want to discuss the design of Cleopatra's Needle, there's a thread for it in Trek Art now.