Your favourite movie?

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  1. Ryan Thomas Riddle

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    My favorite movies are:

    1) Star Trek (2009)

    J.J. Abrams' film captured everything that I loved about the original series as a kid — loud, colorful and exciting. It was action-adventure or else!

    And for the first time in a long while, a Trek motion picture had some movement to it.

    There was also emotion and heart to the story, and the characters were people not demigods or icons or legends.

    Kirk, Spock, and Uhura were allowed to have faults, and weren't written through rose-colored lenses. Oh, and Uhura was the female lead at long last.

    And that opening scene with Kirk's birth was pitch perfect. It was tense, emotional and was visually thrilling to watch.

    2) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

    This film captured another aspect of Trek I love — Horatio Hornblower in Space. I am a huge Hornblower and Royal Navy (Nelson Era) aficionado, and to see it writ upon Trek like this is satisfying. But the best part of the film is that its plot and character motivations are all deeply rooted in Kirk's own mistakes and flaws.

    Kirk abandoned Khan 15 years ago and didn't check up on him — a mistake that comes to bite him in the ass, big time.

    Kirk cheated as a midshipman, and his arrogance and audacity has finally caught up with him. Now he has to deal with death in a way he's never had to deal with before. The death of his friend. The death of Spock.

    Kirk has been out of the game so long that he's stale, and doesn't raise shields. A mistake he spends the rest of the movie fixing.

    "We're only alive because I knew something about these ships that he didn't."

    "I don't like to lose."

    And Kirk recognizes his faults and mistakes, and freely admits to them.

    3) Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    This movie aspired to be something greater than the pulp science fiction roots of the original series, but failed miserably. It's failure firmly at the clay foot of its creator, Gene Roddenberry. It's a gorgeous movie from production design to cinematography to music.

    But it's story was so overcooked by "the creator" that it failed to be a worthwhile story to tell. The storytellers forgot to add all those overcooked ideas into the story in terms of character motivations (Decker's desire to join with V'Ger, as one example). The potential for good character drama is there in the scenes between Kirk and Decker in the first third of the film, but it's lost in the spectacle.

    Unfortunately, the film was pedantic (one of Trek's greatest weaknesses).

    But it tried to raise the bar, and for that reason above all it is in my top three.

    The only TNG film that I really enjoy watching again is Generations because it feels like a two-part episode with all the seams and creases that were the fabric of that series.

    And damnit if there aren't parts of The Final Frontier that I love. Sometimes I wish they were in a better movie, as a good friend said to me.
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  2. Admiral Buzzkill

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    TMP would be my third, yeah, despite major shortcomings as a movie.

    Beyond that, I'm fond of "First Contact."
  3. The Mole

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    Movies in order of my preference are:

    1 - First Contact
    2 - The Wrath Of Khan (this is a very close second to FC)
    3 - The Undiscovered Country
    4 - Generations
    5 - Nemisis
    6 - The Voyage Home
    7 - Insurrection
    8 - The Search For Spock
    9 - The Final Frontier
    10 - The Motion Picture

    (NOTE - 9 and 10 are probably tied in last place to be honest)

    Star Trek XI rates extreamly high in this list but I've been unable to work out where. Definitely in the top 3 though.
  4. Too Much Fun

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    Feb 19, 2009
    "Star Trek: First Contact is not only my favourite Star Trek movie, but one of my favourite overall movies ever. It's one of those movies I enjoy watching once a year and no matter how many times I watch it, I still cherish every moment. It makes me smile, laugh, and just generally feel good from start to finish, even after I've heard the jokes and seen the scenes so many times I can see them coming.

    It's uplifting, exciting, and builds on my affection developed for the characters over the 7 years of the show. A lovely way to cap off the series with a bonus sequel to its seven seasons. In my mind, it's the only real TNG movie and the last hurrah for that crew. In reality, it's just the only one that's any good.

    My attitude to the other TNG movies is fingers in my ears and singing "la la la, they never happened!" :). My next favourites are "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". The former has the most powerful ending of all the movies (a tearjerker no matter how many times I watch it) and the latter has the best act two of all the movies with the stuff in 80s San Francisco being endlessly delightful. We have a great trilogy of Star Trek movies. The rest are just mediocre or awful.
  5. Vinkula

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    Sep 7, 2010
    I just watched Undiscovered Country and I laughed my butt off because of Valeris. She were everywhere! XD
  6. Gojira

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    I completely agree! This movie captured the excitement and thrill I felt when I watched the original series as a young kid in the early 1970s.
  7. kavinsimon

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    Feb 7, 2011
    My Favorite Movies

    1. Red Water
    2. Transformer
    3. Godzilla
    4. The toy
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    Nov 12, 2010
    I am just going to put the numbers

  9. Warped9

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    I here people say this and I can never understand what show they're talking about because it certainly wasn't the one I started watching in 1970.
  10. Kelso

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    middyseafort gave my top 3 better than I could've.

    After those, I am also quite partial to TUC and FC.
  11. vulcan.sithlord

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    Feb 9, 2011
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    Hmmm? I must say, my favourite Trek movie is a toss up between Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country; both are very enjoyable fares, and it was the latter which got my tongue wagging in the direction of the Trek universe!!! As can be seen from my username, i am an avid Star Wars fan, but have huge respect for Stra Trek also. The movies which i have mentioned are not just only great Trek movies, but great movies in general.

    I mean that classic line from Kirk; ''KHHAAAAAANNNNNNNN'' is just as good as (I am your father) ''NOOOOOOOOOOOO''!!!! Lol!!!

    Also, who couldnt love the delicious turn from Christopher Plummer as a shakespeare sprouting Klingon nut in The Undiscovered Country!!!

    Two classics!!!!

    But...i would say TUC as my fave, but then again....oh man!!!

    I'm also partial to The Voyage Home too!!! Not to mention First Contact!!!

    Its soo hard to decide, i give up!!!! Okay, i'll choose my top three;

    1) The Wrath of Khan
    2) The Voyage Home
    3) The Undiscovered Country

    So there you have it!! My fave Trek movie is Khan's Voyage Home to the Undiscovered Country!!!! Hha ha ha!!!

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  12. RyuRoots

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    Apr 23, 2009
    At least it isn't another poll, as if someone doesn't know what the winning result will be.

    First Contact is by far the best of all 11 Trek films, I think. Followed closely by TUC, with GEN, STXI, and TVH somewhere behind those two.

    Star Trek III was "so okay it's average" to an extreme. TMP has some interesting ideas even if it's ultimately dull. TWOK, TFF, INS and NEM (ESPECIALLY Wrath of Khan) are garbage. Garbage that may have a few good points here and there, but garbage just the same.

    First Contact really is a grand slam though. The battles are engaging, the score is very atmospheric (and good listening on its own), every character gets something to do, and...well, I can't gush enough about it. Not that it's perfect; but what flaws it does have (like ANY logic flaws that come up with time travel plots or holodeck uses, or there not being a consensus on how many decks the Ent-E has, for instance) are pretty easily smoothed over by the massive amount of good things, and how enjoyable the final product is.
  13. Too Much Fun

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    Feb 19, 2009
    Great description. Exactly how I feel about that movie. :techman:
  14. Alex1939

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    Dec 11, 2008
    There are scenes in Generations I really enjoy, I like the movie enough but I recognize there are major flaws and annoyances. Also, the ship combat at the end of Nemesis lifts it above last place.

    My Rank:

    Undiscovered Country
    Search for Spock
    First Contact
    Motion Picture

    The Voyage Home
    Final Frontier


    The list asked for the original films. Trek 2009 would be in the top group, probably 4th for me.
  15. Botany Bay

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    Aug 23, 2004
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    ***** : TWOK - my favourite film, full stop.

    **** : TVH, ST09, TMP, TUC.

    *** : TSFS, TFF, FC

    * : The rest.