Your favourite current Superhero Lead Actor

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    That's still your opinion though, as a fan.

    There are indeed franchises where supporting characters outshine the main lead with some fans, that's for sure.

    But this thread is about the main lead of the franchise, as per the top-billed. The lead actor.

    WB definitely see potential for Harley/Margot as a lead, hence why they've announced all these multiple Harley spinoffs for the Emo Hot Topic audience. There is money they will want to exploit there.
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    I just don't think it's fair to limit this conversation to just the top billed actor when there are a lot of factors that determine that outside of who the movie is actually about.
    I'd prefer to talk about the actual leads of the movies and shows rather than just the people who the suits decide should get top billing.
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    Agreed. It's not like Marlon Brando was the lead of "Superman: The Movie". Nicholson also got top billing over Keaton in "Batman".
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    This, at least, I can agree with completely -- EXCEPT that, for Rao's sake, it's REEVE, not ReeveS. Even trufans like yourself get this wrong all the time, and I can't figure why it's so hard. I mean, we idolize the guy, sing his praises to the skies -- and rightly so -- but can't spell his frickin' name right half the time?

    (Sorry -- pet peeve. :lol: )
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    I know most people want to go with FInn Jones as Danny Rand but are to worried of the ridicule so i thought I would give a nod for them.:whistle: Me I am going with Tony Stark. He is one of a select few that you could make a interesting non-comic book or even action movie about.