Your favorite TV romances that never happened and why?

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    Jun 4, 2000
    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    What TV couples never got together, much as you wanted them to? Mine:

    Captain Picard & Dr. Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    They had great chemistry, yet the show rarely ever did anything with them. Sure, they got married in "All Good Things..." but that was just an alternate timeline.

    Cordelia & Doyle, Angel.
    It nearly happened. Sadly, Doyle died a few minutes after Cordelia finally agreed to go out with him. "I guess now we'll never know if this is a face you could learn to love.":(

    Buffy & Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Of all the men in her life, I think Xander is the only one (outside of Giles) who really understood her & cared about her. He loved her as a person and as a superhero. Angel & Spike only really loved her as the Slayer. Riley couldn't get past her being stronger than him. Xander is the only one who could handle Buffy being the dominant partner yet still have enough in common with her that they could settle down for a life together when she finally retired.

    Buffy & Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Isn't it obvious?:drool: All this unintentional sexual tension, yet none of the good stuff.

    Malcolm Reed & Hoshi Sato, Star Trek: Enterprise.
    It just feels like a good idea to me.

    B'Elanna Torres & Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager.
    From what I've heard, they considered pairing up Seven with a B'Elanna hologram instead of a Chakotay one in "Human Error." Beyond the obvious :drool: factor, B'Elanna had a passionate spark that Chakotay clearly lacked. It might not have been a healthy relationship but it could have been a lot of fun.

    Angel & Kate Lockley, Angel.
    I think Angel worked best when he was paired up with more mature women, like Kate or Darla. Unfortunately, Kate simply couldn't deal with Angel being a vampire.

    Max & Maria, Roswell.
    Max needed to be paired up with a vibrant, zesty woman who could teach him to love life. Max/Liz just enhanced each other's dullness.

    Dana Scully & Monica Reyes, The X-Files.
    I swear, Reyes is ogling Scully all throughout "Existence."

    What are some of your favorite TV romances that, alas, never came to be?
  2. WillsBabe

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    Dec 27, 2002
    Avon and Servalan
    Angel and Faith (ATS)
    Angelus and Faith (Buffy)

    Looking at that, it looks like I really like the evil-on-evil stuff! :lol:
  3. Serial thread killer

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    Apr 20, 2003
    I loved Ruth and Harry on spooks they only got one night out before she had to fake her own death.
  4. Australis

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    Mar 12, 2005
    Keep in mind that when the romance finally does happen, the show heads down the gurgler big time. Lois and Clark is the first one that springs to mnd. Mulder & Scully in XFiles another.
  5. D Man

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    Picard/Crusher (Beverly, not Wesley...) and Doc/7. Especially Doc/7 for me, they were the most interesting characters on Voyager, although that's mainly because no one else ever got anything to do. But I also think Picardo was VOY's best actor, and had excellent chemistry with Seven. Oh well.
  6. Kegg

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    Sep 24, 2009

    How about Crais/Aeryn on Farscape? They had this chemistry and a common position of being both ex-Peacekeepers with a special interest in Talyn. One definitely feels that Crais would have liked something more, but Aeryn always had her doe eyes for the pop culture spewing human.

    Also, Doakes/Debra on Dexter. I was a big advocate of this pairing during the first season - especially with scenes where she went to eat with his folks, and he seemed to somewhat like her, and boy would it complicate Dexter's family life... but, well. Heh.
  7. auntiehill

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    Feb 7, 2006
    Daniel Jackson and Dr. Fraiser on SG1. I always thought that they would've made a great couple.

    Avon and Cally on Blake's 7. There was definitely something there between them...but it just never happened.
  8. Temis the Vorta

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    Oct 30, 1999
    I vote for Archer/Trip. And Lee/Anders. Forget Petrellicest, I'm all about Peter/Sylar. :bolian:

    If they'd taken Doakes in a whole different direction as a character in S2, this could have been very interesting. In the jump from S1 to S2, they could have made him the straightforward bullheaded type, who wants to stop Dex at all costs, or a more subtle and complex type, who recognizes that even if their motivations are different, Dexter and he share common-ish goals. He might have been on to Dexter and not said anything...immediately...

    I liked the way they took the Doakes plotline, but it's too bad they couldn't have gone back and done it the other way, too. ;)
  9. Kira's Mom

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    I was a Tosh/Owen shipper for Torchwood. Obviously, that never happened...he finally agreed to a date, then BANG! :( I just thought they would be interesting together.
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    Jesus, you must have a lesbian thing or something...
  11. sidious618

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    Feb 21, 2005
    I thought it was pretty clear that Reyes had a crush on Scully.
  12. The Borgified Corpse

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    Jun 4, 2000
    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    Yeah, that was a shame. Still, they had some great scenes together even after he died in "A Day in the Death" & especially in "Exit Wounds." I love that phone conversation they have as they're both dying at the same time on opposite sides of town.

    But then, episodes like "4D" also showed that she had feelings for Doggett. But then, I think everyone had a crush on Scully-- Mulder, Reyes, Skinner. And while I never saw the episode, I heard there was an early Season 9 episode that implied that Doggett had feelings for Scully too.

    I thought they were going to do something with Col. Mitchell & Dr. Lam on Stargate SG-1 but nothing ever happened.

    I got the sense that there was something between Beka Valentine & Trance Gemini on Andromeda. I also would have liked to have seen either of them paired up with Seamus Harper.

    On Earth: Final Conflict, when Zo'or went from being an androgynous Taelon to a female Atavus, I think she should have lost her virginity to Ronald Sandoval. Considering everything those two had been through in the last couple years, that would have been a deliciously fucked up booty call.:evil:
  13. 23skidoo

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    I wouldn't call the Tosh/Owen relationship one that never happened. In fact it happened big time -- only they acted on it too late and it turned tragic.

    For me, the big one was Archer/T'Pol on Enterprise. I'm almost legendary for my undying support of that show, but even I recognize a "WTF?" decision when I see it, and after spending the first two seasons setting up the relationship, and then giving us the incredible Twilight in which we find T'Pol (in an alternate timeline) dedicated her life to nursemaiding "Memento Archer", they go and suddenly create the T'Pol/Trip romance, which just never felt right after that. And for those who criticized the idea of the captain carrying on with a subordinate, remember that (in the expanded universe canon, anyway) Robert April and his chief medical officer were married, so precedent exists.

    My second nomination will get some of my fellow Whovians screaming (because of there's a fandom that's more against "shipping" than Trekkies, it's Whovians), and that's the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. While the Doctor and Rose was a very romantic relationship (though in an unconventional sense - and at times Rose behaved towards the Doctor the way a follower behaved with a cult leader), and Martha and Jack's feelings for the Doctor were decidedly one-sided, the very fact the Doctor and Donna set out to be "just friends" actually made their relationship the more realistic, and one I could easily have seen progress into actual "romance" had they stayed together for longer. IMO the fact romance was in the cards was made evident as Journey's End reached its conclusion and Donna seemed so pleased to now be the Doctor's equal (mentally), and with the Rose situation finally resolved - and her statement that she wanted to stay with him forever ... it was pretty clear where things might have gone. In fact I'd go out on a limb to say she probably saw him from the beginning as the replacement to the fiance she lost in The Runaway Bride.

  14. Shazam!

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    Feb 22, 2006
    At least Trip is dead now, so Archer and T'Pol can have at it if they wish.
  15. Joy

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    23skidoo, you are not alone in the idea of Doctor Ten/Donna Noble. I've really not done any real shipping of DW yet (still a new fan), but after thinking about the companions Ten had in his three years, the one I think would actually be the best fit for him is the one who had absolutely no interest in him except as a friend. But Donna would be PERFECT for him. She really helped temper him and pull his attentions to the individuals instead of always just looking at the Big Picture.

    So, yeah, that'd be my pick for this thread, too.

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    Jun 4, 2000
    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    OK. I've started re-watching Roswell (for the 1st time since it originally aired 10 years ago). I want to retract this statement. Max & Liz are pretty cute together. Of course, I think Liz would be cute with anyone... especially me!:adore:

    And while I don't think the characters would be a good fit, I'd like a Liz/Isabel romance just because I like the abbreviation, "Lizabel!" (or is that "Lez-able"?)
  17. Vasquez Rocks

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    Vasquez Rocks
    Shane Vansen and Cooper Hawkes (Space: Above and Beyond) It looked like something might happen between them early on, but then nothing. The way it was written though, it seemed like Hawkes was more attracted to her than her with him. Still, I enjoyed the friendship between the two and just wish it developed into something more.

    Jack Tripper and Janet Wood (Three's Company) There seemed to be hints of an attraction between the two during the series, like the computer dating episode, but nothing ever happened. Instead we get those two bores Philip and Vickie, who had zero charisma or charm. I really couldn't see either character falling for them. I blame the producers. They would rather do a crappy spin off then end the series in a satisfying way.

    Picard and Beverly (TNG)

    Buffy and Xander (BtVS)