You know what I wish we saw in Star Trek 2009?

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    Oct 14, 2004
    I heard ADHD when I was diagnosed (but I wasn't paying that much attention), but not the -I.

    Is that like the -R in TOS-R?

    Also, I'm used to seeing the ADD ref because it has been used about 7 million times with respect to the editing on QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

    EDIT ADDON: Y'know, just occurred to me. Maybe not hearing about the -I is because I've had to be back with Kaiser for the last decade? God knows, they certainly were behind the times in the late 80s/early 90s, when I kept falling asleep in early afternoon at work and was begging every doctor for a diabetes test ... they told me to buy 'How to get control of the time in your life.' (when I finally got Blue Cross, they instantly found I was pegged off the charts diabetic (for months the meter almost always read HI, which is what you get when your blood sugar is over 600.)
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    The mind meld scene was fine as it was, it merely served to illustrate Old Spock's presence in the story, adding insignificant characters like La Forge into the scene does nothing for the story and only to appease those who look for references to old trek episodes.