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    Well, that was mostly a good season (turn series) finale.

    Roxanne finally completely lost her shit and then Nora/Victoria didn't hesitate to shut her up permanently (and right in front of her daughter!). I still don't care about the Amazons or this new version of them, but whatever. Doesn't really matter now.

    What didn't work for me in this episode was how the omnipresent the Culper Ring appears to be. They just happen to track down Jennifer and Beth (oh, look at that coincidence, there's Sam, too!) and found 355, Yorick, and Allison at the same time with them supposedly coming in to that same location. Talk about a drama killer all around.

    Sorry to see Sonia died (but not surprised). I was wrong that she was Beth II or even an analog for Beth II, which she was right until she took the bullet to the head.

    At least we finally got the Yorick/Hero reunion, albeit so briefly. The weird thing is that even though Hero was clearly with the wrong kind of people, she was clearly cognizant of her actions and did everything she could to do to save Yorick...and yet Yorick thinks she's brainwashed? Yeah, she was in the comics, but she's nowhere near that here.

    Eh, whatever. It's over. Unless there's a surprise saving, but I doubt it. The reviews were pretty poor all around. Don't know about the viewing numbers but I bet they weren't strong.
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    I'm a bit sad because I felt Nora/Victoria's takeover was a fascinating turning point and I'd love to know where they were planning to go with that. I was pleased that Hero wasn't brainwashed, but disappointed Yorick thought she was. My husband said that scene was (visually) right out of the comic. I also liked Jennifer berating Beth about being clueless. :)

    Ah well.