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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by John Picard, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. John Picard

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    My 14-year old has it in his head he wants to buy an Xbox. I've been warning against it because of the horror stories I've read about the "Red Ring of Death" and other various issues. Since retailers are slashing prices this year, I figured I'd break down and buy him one for Christmas.

    So, I was hoping some of you would give me some feedback as to which machine is what, etc.
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    I've got one... I'm on my third.. I love it.... Just get whatever service plan your store of choice offers.
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    May 14, 2004
    the "red ring of death" is pretty much over; the newer xbox360s (code named "jasper") were re-engineered because of these issues.

    Here is a link to an xbox forums post on how to tell if you're picking up a "Jasper" unit:

    Xbox is a great console and much more; we use the xbox not just for games; it's our DVD player & we use it for watching streaming Netflix. (Microsoft also has their own movie rental service on the XBox which is also very good).

    You want a unit with a big HD for two things; the games marketplace; where you can buy indie or older games and download them directly to the HD; and "Games on Demand" which is similar; but with "A" list game studios.

  4. John Picard

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    Thanks, guys. I've been turned off to gaming consoles for years due to the price of games and that the manufacturers render them obsolete every couple of years. A co-worker told me to avoid the XBox arcade and go for one with an internal hard drive.

    A drawback is that I live in the sticks where there is no broadband access. I wish the FCC would kick it in gear with the broadband spectrum on the old television analog signals that the cell companies bought :scream: