World of Fiction - Kickstarter campaign for new Graphic Novel series

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    Hi folks,

    I want to tell you about this project a good friend of mine, Nicolas Chapuis, is doing (with a little help from me).

    "World of Fiction" is to be a series of Graphic Novels telling the story of young Sarah, as she wakes up in a pre-historic jungle, which is only the first of several strange yet familiar places she must travel in order to get back to reality. On her journey, she will encounter dinosaurs, elves, gunslingers and witches, among others.

    Nic and I created the concept several years ago, he's been hard at work on it since then, taking the time in-between his jobs as a comics colorist (he's currently doing the comic adaptation of the "Wheel of Time" series) to make the World of Fiction reality, working with writer Anna Ramirez. I'm still involved as creative consultant.


    As you can see, the release of volume one is planned for this christmas. To make that happen, Nic has started campaigning the project on Kickstarter.

    Kickstarter| World of Fiction / Graphic Novel / Book One by Team WoF

    There, you'll also find a video introduction by Nic. We're also planning to make another featurette on the creation of the concept, in which Nic and I will appear together.

    I hope this piques your interest. Of course, any support is absolutely welcome and appreciated.

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    Re: World of Fiction - Kickstarter campaign for new Graphic Novel seri

    Well, that artwork is pretty sweet, I'll say that. I'll have a look at the presentation and consider backing it.