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    Lol... now, now, there's not need to be vicious.

    Putting that aside, I have to say that I never saw the appeal in Apple based products.
    It's OS UI's so called 'simplicity' is what makes things a lot more complicated for me and it's not really friendly in terms of personal customization of the file system, etc.

    To top it all off, Windows based computers are practically half the price tag of iOS ones with better hardware to boot.

    Why is Microsoft seeing the need to push smartphone/tablet based UI on desktops and laptops?

    Oh wait... I wouldn't discount the prospect of Microsoft selling Windows 8 editions with different UI presets.
    For example, if you are mostly doing media, browsing and possibly 'cloud' (ICK), then it's possible they will push METRO UI for those users, whereas if you are using the computer for other things such as video editing, photoshop, 3d studio Max, gaming, file organizing etc, they will have an edition that features a standard UI.

    You know... I 'might' even accept Metro UI if it's:
    1. Much more usable (functionality wise where you can get some proper work done on ALL fronts), and
    2. Looks a lot better (one full color with gigantic boxes? - give me a break, do a combination of all out glass effects on white backgrounds so files and folders would't need a white background in order for the text to display properly - essentially, kick Aero into overdrive while retaining the usability/functionality of the older UI's).

    I also think there was a video where a son gave his elderly father (who I think knows how to work on standard Windows UI) a Windows 8 preview version and he couldn't make heads or tails of the Metro UI.

    I'm gagging already because it reminds me of how 'simple' iOS UI is (NOT) - let alone usable...
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    I just think Microsoft is crazy to think people will rush out to buy touchscreens (if you could find any) in order to take full advantage of the interface.

    Metro should be an optional interface that could be enabled if a touchscreen is detected upon install.
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    Classic shell does a good job of bringing Win7 back to the classic Win2K UI, I'm using it on a few machines and I'm happy with it, if they can make a version for Win8 then everything will be fine.. :cool:
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    ^^^ True. That app rocks! :techman: