Windows 7 homegroup and vizio smart tv

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    Does anyone have a vizio smart tv with the media app that has had success linking it to your windows 7 homegroup to play videos, music, and photos from the homegroup libraries?

    I can see all three computers on the homegroup from the tv, but i cant see any files or folders in the listing when they are there.

    For example i have my itunes directory as a library in the homegroup the other computers can see it and interact with it, but the vizio media app cant see anything in the music folder. It says its looking in mac\audio\root. But thats gibberish to me as im not sure what its trying to tell me.

    Mac is probably a shortname cor the computers name. Which is different for all three computers, but it might gives a different sbortname for each one. Machineone is shortend to machi, machinetwo is sbortend to machi, but machine three is shotlrtend to mac.

    The audio\root is really odd. Windows doeant uae roots.
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    I ran into the same situation. You can activate this in Windows Media Player. When in Media Player, at the top you will find a tab named Stream. Click on it then click on Automatically allow devices to play my media. This will allow you Vizio Smart TV to see the files. Now comes the hard part which I am still trying to figure out. The Vizio TV will not play movies in the M4V format as it converts it to MP4. The Vizio does not have the codecs to play this format. So Hope this helps you get to the next step. I will post more as I find out more.