Windows 7 Gaming Problems with Solutions

Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by black_dranzer, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Apr 17, 2017
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    I recently found a whole load of my old Star Trek games and have had varying degrees of success in installing them, but Away Team wouldn't get past the fact I have 64bit Windows 7 rather than 32. Any ideas how to solve this?

    Also I've got Harbinger which I figured would be a lost cause until I saw this...

    ...but the link didn't work. Any chance you could still help @SFC3 ??
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    Has anyone gotten Dominion Wars to work on Windows 10 64bit? Perhaps with DXWnd like Birth of the Federation uses to work correctly on Windows 10 in windowed mode on higher resolutions?
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    Feb 23, 2019
    It barely ran correctly on any operating system. Whenever I had lots of things going on the game would crash for me.