Spoilers Will Hugh still go by "Hugh"?

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    Soji calls him Hugh in episode 3.
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    Yes, "tu" is informal singular, and "vous" is formal singular as well as both formal and informal plural. German might be a good language for comparison/contrast, since it has informal plural "ihr" and informal singular "du." However, the formal level uses "sie" for both singular and plural.

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    Noname Given

    They were the children of parents who were already assimilated - and they were being prepped for introduction into a Borg Maturation chamber.

    Just because Riker ASSUMED the Borg were born/created biologically, it doesn't make it a fact. ;)
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    As I said already, "Descent" established that all the drones on Hugh's cube were just as much tabulae rasae as he was. I find it hard to believe that the entire drone population of a cube would've been assimilated as infants. The VGR retcon that Borg never procreate and all drones are assimilated just doesn't make sense in the context of "Descent," or for numerous other reasons.

    In any case, there are no "facts" in fictional stories. My point is about the intent of the story, which is that the drone Third of Five was a complete tabula rasa who was forming an individual personality for the first time in his life aboard the Enterprise. I don't really care what the reason is for his lack of prior personality, whether he was conceived as a drone or assimilated as an infant. Either way works, as far as his individual personality is concerned. I only point out the difference to underline the fact that the writers of "I, Borg" never intended him to have a prior identity. So my concern is about whether the writers of Picard will stay consistent with that or not.