Wilfred-new FX series

I agree last nights episode was really funny again. I loved the Ouija board scene..WASH ME!!!!:rofl:
So what camp do you fall into, was Wilfred possessed or not?

I call total BS, no way. He was totally playing him.

I agree Wilfred was totally full of crap. He did it for his own amusement and to get Ryan to stand up for himself. He wasn't always wearing the fancy made in Taiwan collar when "channeling" Sneakers. I think I may have just put too much thought into a show about a talking dog.:p:rofl:
what did everyone think of tonights episode will ryan stay and help jenna?
and it appears you can say tits on tv. all so next week season finale.
FX isn't TV, it's cable TV, and even better, it's post-prime time TV. So they can actually say damn near anything they want.
It was one of the best cliff hangers for a show. I got to watch the original Wilfred and our version is way better. Not that the original is bad, its not. In fact its pretty great, but ours is way better.