Who was the rude person

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Miss Chicken, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Mar 22, 2010
    It is sad how we all get on each other's nerves. The worst thing is to see oneself from the out side. You can't think like the other persons brain.

    I've been snapped,at, and just figure the other person had a very bad day, and just eat it.
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    Thing is the pharmacist or the whomever may HAVE to ask if she needs a consultation (it may be a requirement with that medication, refill or not) and if she DOES need one she can't get one if she's on the phone due to privacy laws. So talking to her may open up difficult doors because NOW you have to say, "Well we can't do that for you while you're on the phone."

    How about people just put down their damn phone for five-fucking minutes to interact with a human being who is helping you. Just today I dealt with the BS to a lady giving me about 10% of her attention and telling me what she wanted through vague hand signals and gestures (one of a disturbingly high number of people who do not understand how perspective works and that I cannot see what she is pointing at because I have a completely different point of view, not to mention solid objects blocking my vision.) No pleasantries, no "Hi, how are you today?" or anything like that. Just points, waves when I grabbed the wrong one followed by stern pointing and tapping/pounding on the counter. All because she needed to talk to someone on the phone about some parent's visitation day at school the night before.

    Stop being assholes, folks, but the damn phone away when you're interacting with another human being.
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    She may. And whether or not she actually had to would determine the answer, not something theoretical.

    Sure. However, its still a service industry. If you can do your job without needing to interact, there's no reason to interact. You can make their experience more pleasant without making your job unduly difficult. If you can't do your job without needing to interact, then the person should put down the phone. Its as simple as that. But it seems like there's too much pride going on rather than actual business need.
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    I worked for chain retail pharmacies for six years (and now work for an independent). I have no doubt the pharmacist was in the right.
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    The pharmacist was right. Now that cellular phones are common place, many people seem to have lost the manners which come with common decency.

    Earlier tonight, I lectured my new boyfriend about this very thing. He tends to get so lost on his tablet or cell phone that he tuned out the whole evening. I watched as people asked him the same question twice or more before he seemed to react. I let him know this is not acceptable behavior to me. We have agreed that all electronic communications will be put away prior to entertaining guests.