Which part of the ship is this?

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    Oh, you're right. I recant. I just resent him because I knew him as a plain ol' fan working at Creation's Star Trek store in the Glendale Galleria. He was more of a fanboy than I was and it paid off for him, and I guess I still have a chip on my shoulder about it.
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    I'm wondering where this shot is supposed to be taking place. I'd always assumed Enterprise was assembled in space, but these workers are obviously not wearing space suits and are dealing with gravity.

    I'm guessing we're looking at the space equivalent of a dry dock: An air-filled structure in Earth orbit. Either that or the ship is being built on Earth and then is somehow sent up to space, which doesn't make much sense.
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    ^ NOT AGAIN ! ^
    Look there are 3,465.12 posts about that allready.
    It's just a TEASER, it has nothing to do with the actual film at all, it's designed to let peolpe know a new Star Trek film is on it's way, THAT'S ALL !
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    Hmmm... Looks like the main hull of the "proof of concept" for the V'Ger upgrade by the machine planet's robotic drones.
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    At first I thought it was a shot down the backbone of the secondary hull. Those two 'fins' on either side would be the nubs of the un-finished nacelle struts. Then, I went along with others assuming it was the top of a nacelle. But given the scale of the people and how large that would make the ship, I'm now leaning more towards my original take.
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    You know, the more I look at what we've seen of this ship, the more I'm convinced the shot in question is "dorsal nacelle" without the ship being too much bigger than the original. It's obvious the nacelles are "chunkier" relative to the rest of the ship than on the old girl, and the fins/intercoolers are mounted further outboard, pretty much at the lateral edges of the nacs, so the extra room between them actually looks OK without the ship being "a monster".
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    looks like part of V'Ger.
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    Sorry, clearly the end of one nacelle, looking forward.

    Can't be the engineering hull, since the nacelle-struts are longer in this picture, even look connected (on the left, saucer on the right):