Which episode is this?Which episode is it where a weapon is found that causes people to have some ki

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    Which episode is it where a weapon is found that causes people to have some kind of negative emotions. But Picard and crew clear their minds of negative thoughts and allow the wave to pass through them and they aren’t affected by it. I’ve been trying to remember what it is with no luck.
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    Gambit is rad with "Acting-Captain" Data and "First Officer" Worf, Picard undercover as "Galen", James Worthy as the tallest Klingon in existence, the mercenary ship/Miradorn Raider that looks like some crazy crab/beetle hybrid but never shows up again, Robin Curtis returning to Star Trek as someone with pointy ears wink wink, "Galen" punching Riker in the face, a neat reference back to "Chain of Command" when they reference Riker being relieved of command at Minos Korva which I only just realised, and some neat background on Romulan and Vulcan history. And the ending with the brig scene :D Fun episodes!
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    It didn't cause bad emotions, but used them to kill people. Only those with peace in their hearts and minds are immune. Maybe that's what drove the Romulans away and made the Vulcans more peaceful in the end.
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    I was always kind of surprised that it only put in two appearances. Seems light for a cool looking ship. That damn Tamarian ship gets to show up over and over, but not this one? Unfair! ;)
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    That's how it appears in the end credits. It's true. Look it up.