Which A-list superhero would make for the best TV series?

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Would you like to see a new, big-budget Zorro series?

  1. Yes

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  2. Absolutely

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  3. I'll pre-order a first season blu ray set right now

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  4. Damn straight

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  5. The fact that we don't already have one is proof Hollywood has lost its mind

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  1. Reverend

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    Jul 31, 2002
    I tend to agree F4 would be a good fit for a series, but to my way of thinking the stumbling block isn't the stretchy guy, but the guy that's a walking rock. Not that it's not feasible on a TV budget (it is) but it's going to be an utter nightmare for what ever poor sod they cast in the role to be under all that make-up and a full body suit the whole. Again, not impossible, but they'd have to get very creative there, somehow.

    I might also suggest Batman Beyond as having some live action show potential. I mean it's already a proven concept as an episodic format and the future setting would make it stand out from the crowd a little.

    'Gotham Central' could have been a good idea had 'Gotham' never existed. Now it would just look like a repeat of a similar concept. I guess they could frame it as a sequel series and seriously age up Gordon and Bullock? But on the other hand: meh.

    Oh, Catwoman could probably work too. A proper anti-hero show with a Robin Hood type of premise: sticking it to the one-percenters.
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  2. JD

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    If the Green Arrow spin-off does take place in the future, maybe they could introduce an Arrowverse Batman Beyond there.