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This is in some way a fantasy game, so some known Star Trek rules may not apply. And don't take it too serious, it should be fun. I don't think it really belongs to the Gaming Forum though (Just in case feel free to move the thread).
Imagine you just completed the starfleet academy successfully and now you can chose on which ship or space station you serve at. Time doesn't matter, so you can jump on any ship/space station you want to. You have no idea about the upcoming adventures. For example you don't know that DS9 will be involved in a war against the Dominion or the Voyager will strand in the Delta Quadarant. But you have informations about the ships/space stations and the leading officers. It's up to you wheter to consider your favored scope...scientist, engineer, medic, pilot, weapon systems officer, diplomat counsel, barkeeper or what ever. The qestion is, where would you like to serve at?

So I choose DS9 for the following reasons.
Commander Sisko seems to be a very competent head and manager who knows how to deal with people. And I trust him.
I don't really like flying so I may get space-sick like Ezri Dax when I am on a ship all the time.
I see myself mainly as an explorer who want's to discover new worlds and species. So the plurality of species on DS9 is fascinating for me and I hope to overcome my space-sickness to join some flights to explore new planets...but it's good to know there is a home base you can always return to.
Last but not least, I'm having a crush on Major Kira
This said, my decision was not so easy.
The NCC-1701-D under Captain Picard seems to offer much comfort, a luxury steamer in space.
Also the NCC-1701 impressed me and it's captain Kirk, the way he passed this test with the conviction that there is no No-Win Scenaraio, no matter what happens. Plus the first officer Spock is obvioulsly a genius.
Captain Pike seems to have all qualities a captain needs, too.
Anyway, now it's your turn if you are up to it, tell me...where would you like to serve at and why? Every ship and space station that appeared in any Star Trek series or movie counts.
The Enterprise under Pike or Kirk.

I almost joined the Army when I was 18 but didn't because I decided it wasn't really for me. When a friend heard what I'd considered, he said, "If anything, join the Navy!" I didn't do that either. I march too much to my own drumbeat.

Oh, wait. Starfleet! :p

Hmmm. Well, let's see. I still march to my own drumbeat. And I have to be true myself, so... Deep Space Nine. I don't have to join Starfleet to be there. I don't have to join the Bajoran militia either. I can be one of the merchants.
Bartender (I wouldn't last a second at Starfleet Academy and I know it). USS Enterprise NCC 1701 E. Or D. Good old Stargazer, if there's a bar. I'm not picky. Just has to have a certain guy as the captain. ;)

But for the sake of OP's premise I'd make sure I'd get some low level engineering job. But again, only on a ship that has a certain guy as the captain.
Bureaucrat on a starbase or back at Starfleet HQ probably. I'm not good with science, don't have the physical prowess for security and I'm not really very adventurous. Watching folk explore strange new worlds on TV appeals to me far more than actually doing it. I'd have a comfortable apartment in SF and ride the transport tube to HQ like Harry Kim in Non Sequitor and spend my days reading reports of the adventurers and looking for violations off the Prime Directive to flag up.
Night watch bridge officer on the Enterprise-A (TFF version). Kirk and his command crew can go do their savin' the Galaxy thing while I hold down the fort with the other junior officers...
I would serve on Deep Space 9.

Sisko is an excellent leader. He didn't take bs from people, he took good care of his crew (for example: everyone that could have been promoted, was promoted in a reasonable amount of time), and he is the most approachable of all the captains (with Pike coming in as second place). And on a personal level, an excellent role model for fatherhood, so if I became one while serving under him, I know I would be getting great advice if I asked for some.

I would probably work in the command track so I could learn directly from Sisko. Other position I'd take is engineer... working under O'Brien would also be fantastic, as he is a great example of leadership and fatherhood, too.

Plus, I'd get to meet all the various aliens that live and pass by there.
Probably none of the shows' primary settings.

I mean, I like watching Star Trek as entertainment, but all that stuff (transporter accidents, evil twins/clones I never knew I had, fights with other ships, alien viruses, temporal incursions, parallel universes, anomalies with weird effects, devolving back into an animal, spending decades in a horrific alien prison that later turns out to only be a simulation, finding I have hundreds of 7th generation offspring because at some point in the future I'm apparently going to travel back in time 2 centuries), happening to me?

Nah, I think I'll rather derive my excitement from watching paint dry:) And Star Trek, obviously. Watching it, not living it. There's also no hair on my head that would think about joining my countries' navy, for example, though I greatly respect the job they do.

That said, I see I probably violated one of the premises of this 'game' - imagine you've just graduated from Starfleet Academy. Given that I probably wouldn't want to go into Starfleet, but just be a engineer/scientist (as I'm in real life), I'd see no good reason to go to Starfleet Academy in the first place. Except when that would be the only place (or even just the best place) where you'd go for a proper education in the sciences, but I have trouble believing that in a society as advanced and vast as the Federation, even if the show seem to tout Starfleet Academy as such. I'm propping that up to Starfleet propaganda that's (partially) believed by those in Starfleet ('we're the best!').
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I want my own Starfleet ship. Any ship, doesn't matter how big or small (not a shuttlecraft or runabout though) from Antares-type to Constitution-class if it's TOS, or from Oberth-class to Galaxy-class if it's TNG. As long as I'm Captain, I'm good to go.
DS9. Stay on the Chief's good side, and away from Head of Starfleet Security Eddington, and don't expect a crush on Kira to go anywhere unless you're a head of government.