Wheaton: From Good Guy To Baddie

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    For Wil Wheaton, new acting success came when he figured out just what type of character he should be playing. It turns out that the best character for Wheaton to play is not someone like Wesley Crusher. After his initial success when young, Wheaton found that he wasn’t getting the roles when he auditioned, and [...]

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    It's a valid point in his case

    It's not unlike how Shatner has carried on all these years either. At a certain point no one would want him for heroic work, so he's been surviving on getting laughs being the pompous smarmy guy that people have labeled him with

    3rd Rock From The Sun
    Miss Congeniality
    The Practice
    Boston Legal
    Shit My Dad Says
    Priceline Negotiator
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    Shatner likes broad comedy, farcical stuff. Just like in his dramatic roles, he likes to really push the envelope.

    Oh, and don't forget Airplane 2. And TJ Hooker. :lol:
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    Wow...pretty straight forward reflections of Wil Wheaton.

    I found his last remark most interesting. But in a manner of speaking, isn't that the part the majority of the fanbase recognized him for during his Star Trek participation? ;)