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    Oct 28, 2011
    Read on another website that actress Carol Lynley had passed away. Someone noted that, among her other roles, she played the girlfriend of reporter Carl Kolchak in the original "Nightstalker" TV movie. Well, I pointed out that she was also the girlfriend of Christopher George's character, Ben Richards, in "The Immortal" TV movie. (Both "Immortal" and Night Stalker" were ABC "Movie if the Week". Both spawned series that lasted one season.)

    I also ran across this amusing tidbit from IMDB: "Notice in the TV movie "The Night Stalker" (1972) when the refrigerator containing blood is opened there's blood labeled "Benjamin Richards". Obviously a left over prop."

    "The Immortal" was based, loosely, on a novel by James Gunn (no, not the director guy) and was about a guy whose blood made him functionally immortal. That is, barring accidents, he'd live forever. It was discovered that a transfusion from him would temporarily confer this same immunity to the recipient. So I kind of wondered what would happen if a Vampire drank the blood of an immortal. Discuss.
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    They would become redundantly immortal?
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    It would just taste better than mortal blood, like an aged wine.
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    Would it bring a vampire back to life? Mohra demon blood restored vampires to living state in the buffyverse.