What should be the next batch of IDW Trek comics?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Therin of Andor, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Therin of Andor

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    Jun 30, 2004
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    I'm very excited about the announcements for the "Second Stage" IDW comics and the comments by editor Andrew Steven Harris over at TrekWeb.

    ASH says
    Another quote:
    And so... my first ever poll on TrekBBS, for a "Third Stage" from IDW:

    Keep in mind that IDW doesn't have all of the Trek comic rights at the moment, but TOS/TAS/TNG spin-offs, should be fair game. (Perhaps not things like Section 31, Voyager, DS9 or Enterprise yet.)

    Also, I'd love to know which past Trek comic writers would you want to see Trek comics from, keeping in mind that comics is a very different medium to work in, ie. some novelists might not make great comic writers.
  2. Therin of Andor

    Therin of Andor Admiral Admiral

    Jun 30, 2004
    New Therin Park, Andor (via Australia)
    Being biased, I'd love to see more Andorian Empire stuff, especially after the great "The Old Ways" issue of "Alien Spotlight: Andorians".

    I'd also like to see:

    * more post-TMP stuff, moving the story on from the excellent "Ex Machina"

    * Arex and M'Ress getting timeslipped into "New Frontier"

    * a resolution to Abnett & Edgington's Pike story (commenced at Marvel/Paramount)

    * new ST comics from David Mack (continuing "Titan" or "Destiny" in comic form)

    * new ST comics from the team of Mangels & Martin.
  3. Geoff Thorne

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    Dec 31, 2002
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    Something written by me.

    Tell them. I demand it!
  4. William Leisner

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    Aug 17, 2003
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    What he said.

    Except me.
  5. Anubis

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    Mar 27, 2007
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    Dude, I would kill to see COE comics.
  6. 8of5

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    May 10, 2003
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    Top of my list are Titan and some sort of Pike era series, if that series is a direct continuation of Early Voyages by Abnett & Edgington all the better, but it could be something different. Most Pike stories are set in around 2254 (around The Cage), I’d quite like to see something later in his captaincy, though the inclusion of Early Voyages characters at whatever time it occurs would be greatly appreciated.

    S.D. Perry is my favourite Trek author, so I'd love to see some comics from her too.
  7. C.E. Evans

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    Nov 22, 2001
    Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
    Of those eras listed, I'd like to see an arc set between TMP and TWOK. Bring back the pastel pyjamas uniforms!

    As far writers, all of those are good choices, but I vote for Michael Jan Friedman specifically for a post-TMP/pre-TWOK arc...
  8. Starfury

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    Oct 11, 2006
    I would love to see the continuation and conclusion of the "Early Voyages" and "Starfleet Academy" series. I think both were the best ongoing trek comics ever!
  9. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    My votes for question 1 are post-TMP and Titan. My write-in vote for question 2 is "that Bennett guy." ;)
  10. Lieut. Arex

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    May 18, 2001
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    ^^^ Harve?

    My choice? Two words: Captain Arex.
  11. Defcon

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    May 9, 2003

    Alien Empire, i.E. Series about the Ferengi by KRAD

    more KRAD
    more Peter David
  12. Sci

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    Mar 2, 2002
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    Something AOTF-y.
  13. ryan123450

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    Jan 20, 2005
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    My top 10

    More Year Four
    More Alien Spotlight
    More New Frontier
    Captain April- from the very first mission
    Captain Pike- later in his captaincy
    Second 5 Year Mission- same continuity as Ex Machina and Mere Anarchy 4
    Enterprise-A- again same continuity as Mere Anarchy 5
    Excelsior- Same continuity as Forged in Fire
    Stargazer- Micheal Jan Friedman
    Titan- This would be amazing
    Enterprise-E Post-Nemesis- same continuity as Pocket Books
  14. ELURIA

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    Mar 12, 2001

    For myself most other Trek comics pale in comparison :)
  15. Ryan Thomas Riddle

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    I'd like to see:

    A post-TMP/Ex Machina mini-series written by Christopher L. Bennett.

    An Excelsior mini by Martin and Mangels.

    A Titan mini by any of the excellent novel writers; or mini of stand-alones which would allow all of the writers to participate.

    A psuedo continuation of Early Voyages by the same writing and art team.

    More Year Four! This time with the DC Comics team of Weinstein, Purcell and Arne Starr; or the team of PAD, James Fry and Arne Starr. Too bad, Tom Sutton has passed. I really enjoyed his take on Trek despite the inaccuracies.

    A Starfleet Spotlight series, similar to the Alien spotlight, but focusing on other unseen crews and captains of Starfleet. Kirk, Picard and the rest can't be the only ones. There could be an issue with Commodore Decker before he went cuckoo. Or Commodore Wesley. Or an alien captain whose cultural and societal imperatives clash with his mostly human crew.
  16. JD

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    Jul 22, 2004
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    For Q1 I said Titan, SCE, and more Alien Empire- namely Ferengi and Cardassian, two of my favorite races- and Excelsior. For Q2 I said more KRAD and more M&M although, now I'm kinda wishing I'd said David Mack instead of KRAD, not because I don't like KRAD but simply because he's already doing some Second Stage comics, and David Mack hasn't done any IDW comics yet.
  17. HIj'Qa

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    Jul 12, 2001
    correcting grammar on Wikipedia
    adding another vote

    Excelsior by Martin and Mangels.

    A continuation/conclusion of Early Voyages.

    Andorian comics. IDW's Andorian spotlight was very strong. Something with Shran and the ENT era would be nice.

    I'm just glad there ARE comics, and they ocme out semi-on schedule. It is a long wait between reduced schedule novels.
  18. Aaron McGuire

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Going down

    Aaron McGuire
  19. RonG

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    I think the more "episodic" series like SCE\CoE, Titan and maybe Excelsior would be better suited for the comic book format.

    Having the arc-heavy series (VGD, DS9, TNG etc) branch out to another medium could be a double edged sword, alienating Trek readers who don't read comic books and those who read Trek ONLY as comic books...

    As for the writers? pretty much the same Trek novelists working today :)
  20. KRAD

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    Nov 28, 1999
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    This has been bugging me since the original post: it's Alien Spotlight, not Alien Empire.