What kind of interactive/digital elements to go with the new release?

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Are you expecting/hoping for any interactive or digital promotions with this one?

    What do you expect or hope the website will look like?

    Any experience or functionality that would bring you back?

    What kind of cool technology do you hope to see?

    Personally, i want to see use of 3d projection or have a cool web experience/storyline/game.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    Re: What kind of interactive/digital elements to go with the new relea

    I really liked the "Experience the Enterprise" holographic Enterprise tour. I just wish the deck layouts and other details weren't just nicked from "Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise", which was a dreadful fit for this new, much larger USS Enterprise. For example, the bridge isn't the top dome as on the classic movie Enterprise, it's the foremost room on the lowest level of the top dome. Engineering highlights the lower half of the secondary hull, when we see the warp cores eject from the top of the hull, behind the shuttlebay. The sickbay highlighted part of the saucer section, when a hit to the neck of the ship blew half of it up. The ship was built in the Riverside shipyard, not San Fransisco fleet yards, as on the classic ship.

    And they said Chekov was a Lieutenant. "Ensign authorization code: Nine five weektor weektor two!"

    So, do that again. But get it right this time.