What is Star Trek to you?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Ethergh0sts, Jan 30, 2019.

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  1. Ethergh0sts

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    I was just on the bong, and it hit me (an idea) ... I had Russian vape favor droplets...
    In vape, which I have yet to use besides on water to know it vapes... they say . the flavor can be mixed... so you can... add pie to apple... etc...
    I used 27 / 24 ish... and realized the water was too potent... which means more pulling due to resistance
    And within the potency examined, the fact I could do this high tech... reminded me of Star Trek, and thereby I ask what is Star Trek to you? Yet even if I made an arc of all that was good just to bring it back here and do something, which I realized is Atlantis! and why they have those uniforms later?

    Then I thought of how they won in the wormhole for deep-space nine, yet how that was known from front to end, like a baby Q, and I'd guess that is a perhaps thought

    If it doesn't have Q it doesn't have contenium? Then that means Q was and we didn't become the central point for deep space nine? Seems like he could be an active lesser Q in the past, would it ever have admitted that? Plus the Q had battles understandable, that's not that high up, is it?

    IT does sound like whoever wrote and initiated Q, Borg, wormhole ending of deep-space nine, (betazoids was never done from what I saw, kinda, and that leaves whoever did most of the main charterers, yet I'm guessing they affirmed the destruction of own time line, then forced to include those in a final doom of the time line, only to be heroes for having an arc, I'd have to imagine.
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    Wut. :eek:

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    So far, this guys posts have made little... let me change that... no sense at all.
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