What is Kirk's defining characteristic that makes him such a good complement to Spock and Mccoy?

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    Can you tell me more about the distinction you see between reason and logic?
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    To me reason is the ability to take logic,passion and intuition and come up with a belief and then later a plan of action as to what to do with that belief.

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    Having Kirk be the decider, Spock and McCoy are free to express the extremist views.
    Take the situation on Deneva, Spock (although under duress) makes the "logical" suggestion of killing a million people to save the next planet.
    McCoy presumably wouldn't make this decision and would keep working until the last minute for a solution.
    Kirk in the middle brow beats his two best officers into finding a solution. Although it was he who actually found the solution.
    KIrk has the responsibility and power to make the hard decisions and has the charism and rank to get people to follow unpopular orders. He can moderate between logic and compassion to do his duty
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