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    Seriously. Kurn has commanded fleets and they have him frisking cargo ship crewmen.

    While I think Kurn and, especially, Worf's, actions in this episode were dumb at every level, in the end, and it might be hard to admit, Kurn was either a coward or a drunk who had given up. He could have (and the people around him could have tried better to help him) found something much more rewarding, like join a mercenary fleet, join the freaking Federation, or in some other way fight for his honor and his place in Sto-Vo-Kor -- like a Klingon. "The true test of a warrior is not without, it is within." Worf tried better with Korris.

    Loved the scene where Worf and Kurn infiltrate the Klingon ship though.

    Edit: Just put this on, and the scene where Kurn pushes the purple blanket off of him in disgust and starts his "Soft, comfortable..." spiel cracks me up.
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    Which is exactly what happened, in the books. Except, Colonel Kira, DS9's commander at the time, saw something of herself in Ro. And Captain Picard personally vouched for her. And since Bajor wasn't yet a Federation member they could post their Militia members anywhere they want, including DS9, regardless if Starfleet wanted her there or not (which they didn't). Once Bajor joined the federation and the Bajorian Militia was absorbed into Starfleet then there was an issue with Ro staying, but... spoilers...
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    I had a movie idea for DS9 that involved Tom Riker and Ro Laren coming back as "Manchurian Candidates" under the control of a renegade "Admiral Thrawn" type of Cardassian that wants to destabilize the region and possibly plunge the Federation and Klingon alliance into war.
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    I'm not sure that would make sense, because at that point Cardassia was in shambles and the only thing preventing every other power in the region from going Narn/Centauri on their asses was the Federation.

    Now, a Breen Admiral Thrawn on the other hand, that would make a lot more sense.
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    While not a character, what ever happened to the original premise of the show? With the Bajorians trying to gain entry into the federation, it's never resolved until the books.