What does the new ___ look like? (SPOILERS)

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    Maybe at first. But it was also a major installation owned by the Bajoran government and essential to putting Bajor on the map. Plus it gave their system a unique identity even after they joined the Federation. I'd propose that the station became just as much representative of free Bajor as it did the occupation. If so, I could easily see the Federation being sensitive to the Bajoran sense of national identity and weighing that into their decision regarding the new station's design.
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    Maybe it was an unimaginative Bajoran designer:)
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    I always felt that the Bajorans would view their control of DS9 as being a victory over the Cardassians.
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    They're honoring the first DS9 while adding more modern, Federation-esque influences.

    If all they wanted to do was placate the Cardassians, they could have just asked the castellan to give them another Nor-class station.
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    DS9 was originally built with Bajoran slave labor, IIRC. The Bajorans might want the new station to be a tribute to the old one, as a memorial to all of those who died during the occupation.