What do you think would be going on in 2399?

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    With PIC being a currently-running series set in 2399, I wonder what the lives of the DS9 peeps are like during that year and what everyone had been up to since "What You Leave Behind" as well as what other people's speculations are on this.

    According to "Stardust City Rag" (DO NOT READ THIS PART IF YOU'VE NOT WATCHED PICARD),
    Quark owns a bar on Stardust City. Too bad he actually didn't appear in the episode.

    I believe "What You Leave Behind" established that the O'Briens left for Earth so Miles would then go on to teach at the Starfleet Academy. I would assume he's happily retired and enjoys time with his wife Keiko. Maybe adult Molly actually graduated from the Starfleet academy and became an officer. Had kids of her own maybe?

    Even though Worf NEVER loved Ezri as much as he did Jadzia could it be possible he had a change of heart and married Ezri after all?

    As for Nog, since Aron Eisenberg died last year or year before last, I would think to mirror his real-live death, Nog would be killed in universe too. Maybe he was killed in the line of duty battling Jem'Hadar? Or died of an infectious disease? I could say the same regarding Odo, even though DS9 ended with Kira bidding a final farewell to him before he went into the Great Link in 2375 and never left it since. I'm just speculating that if he ever did, he may've died sometime before 2399 since his actor also died.

    Speaking of having children, I also like to think that maybe Jake would be a dad by then, while still often grieving his or holding out hope that Sisko is still out there somewhere. I said this before but it's sad the way Sisko's fate turned out following the outcome with his final showdown with him vs. Dukat in "What You Leave Behind". Could there be any bit of possibility Benjamin and Jake could physically reunite?

    But now that leaves Julian, Kira, Morn, and Rom. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone but I would assume Morn could still be a frequent patron at Quark's. They are friends after all.
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    I'm re-reading the post series DS9 novels, so it's hard not to let them color my perceptions, since I liked a lot of what they did, but I'll try anyway:

    Kira, struggled for a bit taking over for her friend and Emissary, but oversaw the station through the post-war years. She surprised herself by becoming an advocate for Bajorans to aid the Cardassians in their struggle to recover from the Dominion's retribution. In 2399, she finds herself as the Bajoran ambassador to Cardassia. She has several enemies in the Vedek Assembly and the Bajoran Government who disagree with her stance on Cardassia, all of which convinces her she's doing the right thing.

    Ezri Dax struggles to find her place on the station. While she finds herself enamored with Julian, she constantly wonders if it's her or Dax that has the strongest feelings for him. The stresses of the war meant Dax was kept quite busy as many on the station found themselves struggling with PTSD. It seems many chose to ignore or suppress those feelings during the war, but afterwards, many found they could not relax as easily and without the constant fear of death, many finally had no choice but to confront what was going on with them. Dax worked with Dr. Bashir to create new therapies to treat these cases. This caught the attention of Starfleet HQ, who recalled Dax to Earth to oversee counseling for all of Starfleet, creating a new office, as head of Counseling at Starfleet Medical. At this time, she and Julian realized both of them were looking for something else. Julian, while he loved Ezri, still pined for Jadzia. Ezri, on the other hand, was looking for someone to be her stability. Realizing she needed to find that for herself, she left for Earth. In 2399 she's still the head of Counseling at Starfleet Medical and is overseeing research into the long-term effects of the Borg Invasions and Dominion War on the current leadership in Starfleet.

    Julian Bashir kept resisting calls from both Starfleet and Section 31 to work for them, directly, preferring to remain on DS9. During an especially heated political debate over Bajor helping Cardassia, Kira tasked Julian with looking into Dr. Galen's research and the discoveries by several races on Stardate 46731.5, specifically showing that Bajorans and Cardassians shared common ancestry. His work saw him pursue leads to the Preservers and a possible connection to the Founders, after noting a similarity between the ancient humanoid and the Female Shapeshifter. Realizing he could not longer operate from a static position, he requisitioned a ship and crew and headed off. In 2399, it's been a few years since anyone has heard from Bashir or his crew. Stories pop up here and there, most indicating he did pursue the connection to the Founders and is somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant.

    Odo preferred focusing on his people, content that his friends, colleagues, co-workers, and Quark would all get along without him, as his people needed him more. However, at one point or another, most, if not all of them found their way into the Gamma Quadrant and to Odo, even Quark, who wanted to discuss a franchise opportunity for the Dominion to open their own Quarks Bar and Casino. Odo found himself begrudgingly welcoming them and giving them all advice, before letting them go on their way. He did, however, find Bashir's findings to be of great interest, serving as a liaison between the doctor and the Female Changeling. This opened up a new avenue in Bashir's research and he set off on a new direction, though, again, as of 2399 no one has heard or seen of him or his crew in years. Odo notes, with some sadness, that as of 2399, Kira is the only one who has not visited him. He understands, but still hopes that one day, she will come to him.

    Nog quickly assumed the role of Chief Engineer of DS9 and the Defiant. He oversaw the first upgrade of the station since the weapons array was added. This upgrade includes bringing the Cardassian systems more inline with the LCARS system, shielding the station from plasma disruptions, such as the one that necessitated an almost complete evacuation in 47182.1, as well as general defensive and offensive upgrades. He found himself wondering how much of the original station was left by the time he was done. By then, even his uncle found himself impressed, as his holosuites benefited greatly from the upgrade. This garnered him much attention and he soon found himself promoted to Captain and put in charge of a crew made up of Starfleet Core of Engineers members, consulting on upgrading and integrating technology as a means of brokering peace between species. Sadly, in 2398 he was killed in action. O'Brien found Nog's notes on Vic, who he had taken extra care to protect during the station upgrade. Working with Dr. Zimmerman, the two created Emergency Engineering Holograms in Nog's image, capable of lasting years if need be on ships designed to go further and further into deep space. Much to their surprise, each Nog hologram had an unusual tic where it kept advertising for the various Quark Bar and Casino franchises throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants ("And, coming soon, the Gamma Quadrant as well!")

    Quark was contacted by Rom, now the Grand Nagus with a lucrative offer. Rom, concerned with public opinion regarding the Ferengi, sought to work with his brother to expand the bar into a franchise. The hope would be that as the bar opened up throughout the quadrants, people would learn that there was more to the Ferengi than their reputation would have many to believe. By 2399 Quarks could be found in almost every non-Federation outpost, with some starbases actually including them, as well. While Quark is happy with this, he is unhappy when he notices that Rom has been talking with the Federation. It turns out that Rom's plan was, ultimately, to convince the Federation that Ferenginar was a suitable candidate for entry into the Federation. This drives Quark to head into the Gamma Quadrant, hoping to open some bars far away from Federation territory, much to Odo's discontent.

    Garak struggled to remain plain and simple, but found himself thrust into the spotlight as a hero on Cardassia. It did not escape him that many different parties benefited from this. The side that wanted Cardassia to evolve and move past the tendencies that drove them to aligning with the Dominion saw Garak as an example of someone who risked everything to save Cardassia. The traditionalists, who wanted Cardassia to return to a strong military, one that would not have needed to join the Dominion to crush its enemies, saw Garak as a symbol of everything wrong with Cardassia and a fine scapegoat for its current problems. Despite calls for him to take a leadership position, Garak found a way to work behind the scenes and survive. By 2399 he finds himself as Kira's counterpart, the Cardassian ambassador to Bajor. Sometimes, wistfully, he realizes that he has more allies among the Bajorans than he does among his fellow Cardassians. Therefore, he relishes the adversarial and uncertain relationship he has with Kira, who, though she respects him, still finds him repulsive, despite the fact that they both truly want to see a lasting friendship between their species.

    The Siskos have settled on Bajor and Kassidy gives birth to Jadzia Jennifer Sisko (affectionately called J.J.) in honor of two women Ben had admired, respected, and mourned. Kassidy admitted to Jake that he hoped the name would draw Ben's attention and prompt his return. While Kassidy found the people of Bajor to be most welcoming, she did miss her job, as well as the people on DS9, though with each year, she recognized fewer and fewer of them on her trips to the station. When J.J. was old enough, Kassidy began going on runs as a freighter captain again, sometimes leaving J.J. with Jake and sometimes taking her along. By 2399, Kasidy Yates Interstellar Freights became the largest non-Federation freight company in known space, helped partly by its status as the sole freighter of Quark's Bar and Casino. Despite only handling Quark's legitimate business, it's still enough to keep it going.

    J.J., much to Kassidy's dismay, followed in her father's footsteps at by 2393 had enrolled at Starfleet Academy, eager to beat the longstanding record, set by Sylvia Tilly, of being the youngest candidate accepted to the Starfleet Command Trianing Program.

    Jake, meanwhile, stayed on Bajor to help Kassidy, but was soon persuaded by her to pursue the fellowship at Pennington School. He arranged with her to come and visit as much as possible, watching J.J. during some of those visits, so Kassidy could get back to captaining her freighter. As she grew into a teenager, Jake found himself drifting away from J.J., realizing, with Ezri's help, that he did so because J.J. was becoming more and more like his father. He finally published Anslem, based largely on his own experiences. In 2399, Jake is a father to his own son, Benjamin Nog Sisko in honor of his father and best friend.

    Ben Sisko has been there for all of this, in one form or another. Being non-linear, he has been able to drop in on his friends and family often. Each time he seeks to explain to the Prophets how their existence inspires, affects, and is affected by each and everyone of them. He knows, because he has seen it/done it/is doing it, that he will return early in the 2400's to oversee a period of great upheaval. Though he knows the people he cares about will be overjoyed to see him, he knows it will be bittersweet as it will be a portent of what is to come.

    NOTE: I forgot about Worf! Worf initially enjoys his new position, but struggles with missing Starfleet. Martok even notes that Worf never fully resigned his position, opting instead for a leave of absence. This is made worse, when, after rejoining the crew of the Enterprise briefly for the wedding of Will Riker and Deanna Troi, he found himself drawn into the whole mess with Shinzon.

    Returning to Qo'noS, Martok confronts Worf about this. Worf, as usual, denies it and states his allegiance is with Martok. Martok, realizing he must make the decision for him, fires Worf and instead hires Alexander. Worf returns to Starfleet and is promoted to Commander and then Captain. Struggling with being assigned to aid the Romulans affected by the Hobus Star, Worf sees Picard's resignation as a sign and chooses to resign his commission in solidarity with his former commanding officer. He finds himself at the Picard vineyard shortly thereafter.

    Knowing his former Captain, Worf provokes Jean-Luc, hoping that by doing so he can help him reach a catharsis, similar to what happened on the Enterprise during their trip to the 21st Century to prevent the Borg from stopping First Contact. He does succeed in provoking Picard, but Picard is unable to reach a catharsis, leaving Worf realizing he has no idea what to do next.

    After consulting with Ezri at Starfleet Medical, Worf decides he will use his influence with the Klingon government to help as many Romulans as possible. With Alexander and Martok's help, he establishes a home for Romulan children who lost their parents. By doing so, he hopes he can finally put aside his anger towards them for the death of his parents at Khitomer. Much to his surprise, he finds himself attracted to one of the Romulans overseeing the children, who he begins a relationship with, eventually marrying her.

    In 2392, Martok dies and Alexander is named the Arbiter of Succession, choosing his father for the role of Chancellor. He is challenged by Toral, but wins. His years as Chancellor are difficult, as many Klingons resent his Romulan wife, viewing her as a spy. However, Worf pushes for a union of the Klingons and Romulans, arguing that the Klingon Empire is strongest when allied with the Romulans and weakest when it is at war with them.

    The Klingon/Romulan alliance is seen as a threat to the Federation, which Worf notes, sadly, seems to be suffering due to the corruption at the heart of Starfleet. When in 2399 it is revealed that the Romulans were behind the attack of Mars and a fleet of Romulan ships almost got into a battle with a fleet of Starfleet vessels, things are as strained almost to the point of breaking.

    Worf must now navigate this and determine how to unite the three biggest powers in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants, or see a war that could devastate everything.
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    The documentary shows the original writers thoughts of the status of the DS9 characters as of 2395.
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    In general, the events describe in What We Left Behind are true. But we are further along here:

    Sisko – is still grappling with his new abilities. Is also appearing on Cardassia, the Founders homeworld, and the Gamma Quadrant, as well as Bajor and DS9. Spends a lot of time with Kassidy Yates, and his new son as well.

    Odo – remains on the Founders homeworld and intends to send a new representative to DS9 in his place, as he never intends to go back after hearing what happened to Nog and Kira’s involvement.

    Worf – has been in pursuit of Kira and Thomas Riker (who was finally freed from a Cardassian labor camp by Kira) in the Ent-E, since they have in this time acquired biogenic weapons and intend to use them against the Federation. Hence why we were not aware of the Ent-E’s situation in PIC.

    Ezri – married Bashir and did command the USS Aventine in the 2380s, is now in command of the USS Emmitt Till, which has replaced the Defiant as the main ship for DS9

    Bashir – been engaged in a cold war with Bajor. And had been releasing classified Section 31 documents related to the NX-01 and its role in the Romulan War, as well as the Klingon Augment virus, the first encounters with the Ferengi and the Borg, the Xindi mission (in particular Sim), and the NX-01 crew's involvement in the Federation-Romulan Cold War between 2161- 2192, which cause quite a stir.

    O’ Brien – still teaching at Starfleet Academy, is getting ready for the weddings of both of his kids.

    Rom – still Grand Nagus and married to Leeta, but still depressed about the death of Nog.

    Jake – spends most of his time on Ferenginar due to the death of Nog.

    Quark – splits his time between DS9 and Freecloud.

    Garak – on Cardassia assisting with Cardassian rebuilding efforts (Cardassian efforts to deal with the Romulan supernova and taking in Romulan refugees delayed rebuilding efforts at home)

    Martok - after annexing remnants of the Romulan Empire to maintain stability in the Klingon Empire, he is overthrown by a group of Klingons that no longer want to assist in the aid of Romulan refugees.

    Mirror Jadzia – is still alive and has taken refuge in the prime universe (alongside mirror Tasha Yar), after the Romulan supernova in the mirror universe - after having been initially been taken care of by the Romulan Republic without assistance - actually destroys half the galaxy, including Terok Nor.

    Bajor – is considered a suspect in the Romulan Supernova, alongside Section 31, the Klingon Empire, the Cardassians, the Dominion, the Breen, and the Remans by a group of Romulan refugees that are heavy conspiracy theorists. The basis is playing off of an old idea of the occupation being done by Romulans instead of the Cardassians.

    The Typhon Pact is in existence in some form, and has been since shortly after the end of Nemesis. The destruction of Romulus has altered its power and influence.
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    This is just a gentle note directed to whoever edited my OP which contained a spoiler:
    I did not know how to properly format a spoiler tag, hence why I added in parenthesis: "DO NOT READ THIS PART IF YOU'VE NOT WATCHED PICARD" and then said what I said following that. Perhaps I should've asked for help regarding how to format that part of the message, however I do apologize for my part in this.
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    The Sisko is still with the Prophets. Kasidy gives birth to their daughter, whom she calls Jadzia, and raises her on the station, whilst also having some success with her own haulage company.

    Kira Nerys commanded DS9 for a number of years, before ending up going into politics and after a couple of terms as First Minister is now the Federation Councillor for Bajor.

    Worf, after a brief sabbatical for the Riker/Troi wedding, resumed his position as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, but was killed defending Martok during a coup from a group that wanted to return to their conquering ways. His sacrifice was a huge stabilising factor for the Empire, which is now looking for closer bonds with the Federation.

    Julian Bashir married Ezri and remained on DS9 until being offered the chance to work out of Starfleet Medical heading up their Xenobiology Division, later going on to command Starfleet Medical.

    Ezri Dax married Julian but left the station after a few years to take up a post of Ship's Counsellor onboard Voyager when the ship was sent on a deep space exploratory mission of the Gamma Quadrant. Upon their return, she has served as a dedicated counsellor and first contact specialist on a number of ships, whilst being offered numerous opportunities to join the Diplomatic Corps.

    Miles O'Brien taught on Earth for a few years, before joining Keiko on a mission to help rebuild Cardassia, where he apprenticed Rugal. Molly would later go off to join Starfleet, becoming an exobiologist, whilst Yoshi would enlist to become an engineer.

    Odo remains with the Great Link, trying to teach the Founders about all he has experienced and move them away from hatred and fear of solids, whilst also trying to sway the oppressive nature of the Dominion.

    Quark has franchised and finally bought that moon he always wanted. Rom manages to bring in huge sweeping reforms for the Ferengi Alliance, which sees profits increase tenfold. Nog remains on DS9 and Chief Operations Officer, before steadily rising through the ranks and earning his own captaincy, as well as finding the time to become a family man.

    Jake Sisko begins studying up on all he can find about the Emissary in the Bajor ancient texts, but after realising there is no way to bring his father back he slowly starts to build a life for himself that the older Sisko would be proud of, working as a journalist across the Federation before becoming a novelist, getting married and having a couple of children.
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    I've never thought much about that before seeing this thread, but by 2399 I assume Bajor and its colonies have become part of the Federation.

    I'd like for Sisko to keep his promise and come back to Kasidy, but at the same time I have the feeling him fully returning to her in flesh and blood forever.
    I have a feeling there is a story in there somewhere in which Sikso *tries* to fulfill his promise by exploiting the non-linearity of the Prophets and living life with her and their child on Bajor, but in the end his non-linear existence gets in the way as he just isn't the same anymore, somehow not as "real" and he's also not aging. In the end they probably break it off.
    Kasidy continues to live on Bajor, raising their child and sometimes worrying what it means that her child is 1/4 Wormhole Alien.
    Jake settled down on Bajor, married a Bajoran woman and started a family.

    Under grand Nagus Rom Ferenginar society has seen great changes, which eventually (in about a century's time) will see them first allying and finally joining the Federation. Since Ferengi and Bajoran DNA is not compatible he and Leeta never had chidlren.
    Because of all those changes, and Bajor/DS9 now being fully in Federation territory Quark has left for Freecloud to open a new bar (and eventual chain of bars) there. And maybe he's even allied with Brunt in that venture.
    Nog continues his illustrious Starfleet Career.
    Leeta spent her time helping the poor in the Ferengi Alliance and became very popular because of that.

    Kira spent some years as commander of DS9 and oeversaw the entry of Bajor into the Federation, complicated by some very reactionary elements in the government and a new Kai who ended up being not much better or less selfish than good Madam Wynn
    After that she became a Federation Ambassador and functioning as Bajor's diplomatic liaison on Cardassia Prime. There she fell in love with a Cardassian, they married and had several children, one which is names Ziyal. (just give me this one fairy tale happy ending, alright?)

    Odo is in the link, trying to get the Foudners to open up more. This eventually leads to a division between the Founders and a Dominion Civil War.

    Bashir continued his work on healing the quickening, growing continuously more obsessed with it and eventually moving to the Teplan homeworld. There civil unrest awoke, with people who were born just before the vaccine for the Quickening targeting those that had the fortune to be already born without it, despite not being much younger. Bashir ended up being one of the victims of that unrest, with his cure for the Quickening unfinished.

    Ezri continued her Starfleet career, eventually becoming a Captain of her own Starship. By now she might even be an admiral.

    O'Brien still teaches at the Acedemy. Keiko continues her botanic work. They are both happy to have a very quiet life now.
    Molly and Kirayoshi grew up and never ended up joining Starfleet, working as something completely unrelated.
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    That would be a interesting change.

    Sisko is still missing, no one know where he is, he's just gone.

    Kasidy gives birth to their daughter, who Kasidy name for one of her grandmothers. She throws herself into her business, the needs of the freight business and shifting contracts pull her further and further away from DS9. In time Kasidy develops a relationship with a new man and they settle on one of Earth's older colonies and Kasidy has another child, who is named for her long time childhood friend. Kasidy in time builds a respected freight business of a dozen ships, but she rarely leaves the surface of the planet she now calls home. Kasidy keeps a small image of Sisko in her business office, when asked she refers to him simply as "someone I used to know."

    Ezra stays on the station for about a year and then requests reassignment. The remainder her starfleet career is fulfilling and happy, serving as a counselor on various starships and bases. She marries another Trill who is also a starfleet counselor. They and their one child eventual retire to the Trill homeworld.

    Kira Nerys becomes the commander of DS9. After five years she is promoted and is assign commanded of a large militia base on Bajor, subsequetly a senior posting with the militias central command. Upon retirement she becomes a central figure in the political alliance that results in Bajor not becoming a member of the federation, but having a strong relationship with it. Kira never marries or enters into any long term relationships, she does over time adopt three children. After leaving politics she becomes a accolade within the Bajoran religon and teaches the equavilent of sunday school, instructing children in the ways of the prophets.

    Worf becomes the ambassador to the Klingon Empire for a few years, but is replaced when there is a change in leadership in the federation council. Worf endores one of Kurns children as the head of the house of Mog. He re-enters starfleet advancing to the rank of captain, although never becomes a starship captain. After starfleet Worf roams the galaxy, he learns to calm his spirit, and gains wisdom through his travels.

    In time Worf settles on Earth in the Ukraine, and is a promanate member of the Klingon community on Earth. He reunites with many of his former shipmates, and draws enjoyment and peace through their friendships.. He meets a Klingon women at a culturral event, they mate and have three children, Worf uses all the mistakes he made as a father to Alexander to be a superior parent.

    Dispite his best efforts, he and Alexander never become close.

    Julian Bashir finds himself increasingly uncomfortable in starfleet, requesting mulltiple reassignments and eventual resigns. He enters private practice on the most remote colony then in existance and build a new life.

    Miles O'Brien was a instructor at starfleet academy's engineering school for over a decade, later referring to it as the best assignment he ever had. After retirement he and Keiko and their children (now three) settled in Keiko's childhood community where Mile's esablishes a small neighborhood repair shop.

    Odo eventually is expelled the Great Link, but remains in the delta quadrant, He spends his time traveling from planet to planet showing the inhabitants of the DQ that not all founders are the same, and uses his status as a founder to mitigate the excesses of the JemHadar.

    Quark gets he moon, and regularly loses it and gets it back. He established a cloaked resort/spa on a remote island on the ringed planet from Insurrection, enabling the wealthy and celebrities of the federation (if no one else) to benefit from the radiation of the rings.

    Rom is rapidly sweeped from power after one reform too many, the Ferengi nicely settle back into the ways they'd been following for thousands of years. Rom running from a sizeable bounty on his head is given shelther by his brother Quark, who puts him to work sweeping the floors in a brothel on his moon.

    Jake Sisko returns to Earth to attend journalism school at Loyota University in NOLA, obtaining a masters degree. He secures a comfortable living working for a respected southern news service, has a house on the Gulf of Mexico that he share with his girlfriend, their two children and a stunning huge maine coon cat. On the side he coaches little league and writes the occasional novel.
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    A smart, independent woman would name her daughter after her husband's first wife to get her husband to return to her? Wow.
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    Because Ezri has no say in the matter?
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    Good point. I did struggle with whether or not I should include that. I do like her and Jake having the same initials, but that could be accomplished with just Jadzia.
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    • DEEP SPACE NINE: It's undergone a number of major upgrades from the Federation over the last twenty years. While it still retains its original basic shape, its exterior and interior are more Federation than Cardassian now.
    • BENJAMIN SISKO: Retired from both Starfleet and the Prophets and now living on Bajor with Kassidy. He now has a full-grown daughter, who has recently graduated from Starfleet Academy on Earth. Even though he is now a "retiree," he still has considerable pull within both Starfleet and the Bajoran government.
    • KIRA NERYS: Starfleet admiral in charge of the Bajor Sector. She maintains offices on both Bajor and DS9.
    • EZRI DAX: Captain, Commander of DS9.
    • WORF: Captain, Commander of USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E.
    • DOCTOR JULIAN BASHIR: Deputy chief of staff, Starfleet Medical, Earth.
    • MILES O'BRIEN: Retired on Earth with his family.
    • ODO: Leader of the Founders in the Gamma Quadrant, responsible for a number of major reforms within a now less harcore Dominion. Too busy to visit the Alpha Quadrant these days.
    • QUARK: One of the most successful businessmen in Ferengi society. His Quark's franchise has expanded across the Federation and beyond, with locations in both the Klingon and Romulan Empires.
    • JACOB SISKO: Award-winning journalist and one of the Federation News Service's top investigative reporters. He now lives on Earth and has a wife & kid of his own who help oversee the Sisko's restaurant.
    • NOG: Captain, Commander of USS Shenzhou, NCC-97334.
    • GARAK: Whereabouts unknown.
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    Deep space nine - someone pulls out some old starbase plans and remakes Deep space nine into a 24th century version of Kelvinverse Yorktown. It becomes the best and largest starbase in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, home to 2 million beings

    Bajor - joins the UFP and has the honor of holding the UFP Presidency at its next elections, President Byma Arack wins by a landslide

    Sisko - after setting up the first Wormhole baseball league returns to the UFP, takes Bajoran citizenship and becomes Bajor's first offworlder ambassador to the UFP, The WA release him from his Emissary duties

    Nerys - decides to resign from Starfleet with the rank of Captain and devotes herself to working as manager of a Cardessian orphanage on Cardessia Prime

    Worf - after Nemesis returns as UFP ambassdor to Kronos, serves a term of five years and returns to Starfleet where he eventually becomes captain of the USS Enterprise. His wife Grilka (Quark's ex) joins him on the ship in charge of Ten Forward, which is renamed Prunejuice city

    Bashir - exposes Section 31 as controlled by a computer programme, after hacking into and exposes it he turns Control into a holosuite programme Vulcan love instructors II. Recruitment applications to Starfleet intelligence increases by 100%

    O'Brien - joins the rebuilding programme for the new Deep Space Nine and becomes its Chief of operations, and is fast track to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, his wife is made Head of botanical science on a top Bajoran university. His children do not join Starfleet but make their own way in life not following in their parents footsteps.

    Dax - returns to Trill and starts a campaign to reform the Symbosis Commission, the Trill tabloids find out all Trill are capable of joining, panic ensues as demands for symbiots sky rocket and a black market in cloning Trill is exposed. In return the Guardians invite Klingon warriors to guard the caves. They do so to honor the great Curzon.

    Odo - becomes leader of The Dominion and devotes the rest of Founder's life to changing the genetic makeup of the Jemhadar to slow down their aging and curb their violent tendencies, they eventually become Gamma quadrant versions of honorable Klingon society based on Worf's DNA.
    After watching ancient human entertainment,called the Looney Tunes the Founder believe Odo's weekly sermons that solids are no threat to them after all, more like a waste of time to deal with.

    Garak - becomes ambassador to the UFP and romantic partner of a Dr Julian Bashir

    Quark - hits the jackpot and becomes a billionaire, opening up Quark franchises all over the quadrant. He then buys a moon, since the one over Earth is not for sell.

    Rom - becomes one of the best Grand Nagus , the Ferengi people eventually decide females making more money is even more important than females not wearing clothes. Brunt becomes wealthy opening female only clothing stores with Leeta as his top designer

    Nog - climb the ranks all the way to Captain and heads up the first Ferengi - Federation starship exploring the Gamma quadrant

    Jake Sisko - attends the Pennington school and becomes a great novelist , his best known work is Anslem.

    Kassidy Yates - Sisko - gives birth to a little girl named Sarah Keisha Sisko, her husband returns when her daughter is about to start nursery, and they spend the rest of their life between Bajor, Cestus III and Earth. Kassidy starts a shipping company, with HO on Bajor and the first Bajoran baseball league

    Morn - self publishes a novel called The Quiet Man, - its a bestseller

    Benny Russell - ten years after being committed to an asylum, Russell is released, due to a set of circumstances he befriends a liberal minded man named Stan Lee and tells him his story.
    In 1978 Marvel comics publishes The adventures of Benedict Siskel on Outer spacestation 19

    In another universe
    After faking his death, an elderly Vulcan man lands a shuttle on a strange planet and approaches a living stone, after a short conversation the old man enters the mouth of the stone and enters in the Earth year 2387...
    Romulus is never destroyed
  14. TroiFan4ever

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Philadelphia, PA
    I forgot Ezri was actually in love with Julian... or at least was romantically interested in him anyway. I don't recall him rebuking or returning her love but she definitely had feelings for him.
  15. Nyotarules

    Nyotarules Rear Admiral Moderator

    Jan 20, 2016
    They ended up in bed together, does not mean he loved her but he was attracted to her. Ezri admitted to Julian if it was not for Worf, Jadzia would have chosen him. Considering she had 3 years to make that choice, before Worf came along and never did....
  16. kkt

    kkt Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Aug 3, 2014
    It also doesn't mean Ezri loved Juilan, just that she was attracted to him. I don't think they were that great a fit, they just wanted a role in the hay before the end of the show.

    I think you're right about Jadzia, Ezri was exaggerating Jadzia's interest in Julian.
  17. JirinPanthosa

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    Nov 20, 2012
    DS9 is a peaceful trading post for an economic superpower Bajor who are now Federation allies, not members. Bajor came out of the war like the US came out of World War 2, helping Federation planets rebuild and profiting like mad, also forming a great business relationship with Ferenginar due to the favoritism of the Nagus for his wife's home planet.

    Morn is running Quark's bar just like in The Visitor. Nog nobly gave his life saving the crew of the ship he captains.

    Garak has secretly taken control of Cardassia, pushing peaceful national isolation, only leveraging his relationship with the Federation to help rebuild, stringing them along by lying that he wants closer relations with the Federation.

    Jake, Kassidy and family are in New Orleans, running the restaurant and writing about the war. Jake is a galaxy renowned author for his biography of Ben Sisko.

    Kira now has a leadership role in the Bajoran military, where she found another powerful man who can never replace Odo and is interested in her cause she's just as strong as he is.

    O'Brien retired happily on Earth.

    Ezri drifted away from Bashir when he became less and less available due to his S31 activities and has a high level Starfleet job, leading a group of counselors.
  18. Paul755

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    Jul 21, 2018
    Bajor - Proud member of the Federation. Joined 1 year after the Dominion war ended. Supported saving the Romulans in the Federation Council and offered planets in the Bajor system to civilian refugees.

    Sisko - because of the non-linear nature of the prophets when he came back it was only a week after the events of “What You Leave Behind” although for him it was 10 years. He is now an Admiral and commands the entire Bajoran sector from DS9 with his home on the planet. New transporter tech allows him to beam effortlessly from one to the other.

    Kira - stayed on DS9 for a year after the series finale then became a junior representative of Bajor’s first delegation to the Federation council. Later elected First Minister of the Bajoran planetary Government.

    Worf - Re-assigned to DS9 after the events of Nemesis and promoted to Captain but only as Sisko’s Chief of Staff. Still not given a full command of his own due to the events of the episode “A Change of Heart”. Starfleet really holds a grudge.

    Dax - Starfleet Captain. Re-assigned to command of the USS Enterprise upon the promotion of Jean Luc Picard to Admiral where she remains to this day. Only the second non-Human to command Starfleets most famous ship.

    Bashier - Retired and running a “Frontier” medical clinic in the Delta Quadrant. Drifted apart from Ezri as she became more career oriented. Has no contact with Section 31.

    O’Brien - Retired. Home is Earth but travels frequently with his wife on their own personal ship. Both children are Starfleet officers.

    Nog - Executive Officer of a ship destroyed while docked at Utopia Planitia during the Synth Revolt. He went down with his ship. Did inspire other Ferengi to join Starfleet.

    Quark - Sold his bar on DS9 and opened something bigger, better and more profitable on Freecloud.

    Jake - Successful writer and restaraunt owner on Earth.

    Cassidy - runs her shipping company from offices aboard DS9. Lives with Ben on Bajor.

    Vic Fontain - co-owns Quarks bar on DS9 with Morn. He uses a reverse engineered mobile emitter to leave the holosuite. Performs nightly.

    Garek - Dead. His murder starts a Cardassian Civil War.

    Odo - Unknown as the Dominion has been disbanded. The Great Link has gone into seclusion in a newer unknown location.
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  19. kkt

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Oh, and of course the Federation got that transporter technology from taking apart The Ship.