What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

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    Regarding Nimoy's scene, I certainly hope Spock Prime's decision not to tell young Spock about his future doesn't include things like telling Starfleet about V'Ger and the Whale Probe. Oh, and the planet-killer might be important to mention, too.
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    Crusher Disciple
    The only thing that I didn't like about this movie is the fact that Dr. Mc Coy never took his shirt off. Not once.

    How realistic is that? :rolleyes:
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    Hey, the thing that McCoy does at the end. Isn't that... technically illegal in the Federation?
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    Crusher Disciple
    Only if it's between consenting adults. I'm not sure what the Age of Consent is in the 23rd Century, though.
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    We have a real-life example of what the Enterprise was doing above Earth. In the 1960s, on the Gemini 8 mission, the manned spacecraft, after separating from an Agena test vehicle, began to spin out of control. Neil Armstrong managed to save the vehicle. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_8)

    For me, besides the unrealistic warp core, I find it hard to believe that cracks would develop as shown on the bridge. However, I have to remind myself, that I am seeing a film directed by a guy who believes that science can get in the way of storytelling, so he attempts to keep the science out of the storytelling. (I was watching the documentaries on the first film, and, it's in one of those documentaries, that I learned his take on science.)

    Also, on the specials for that first film, I learned that the Enterprise did have a separate subsystem for the impulse engines and that the ship had an aft torpedo launcher. (The launcher is located on the underside of the ship.) Why didn't the Enterprise use one, or both of these devices in the second film?
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    The wetsuit was nice, though.
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    I'm going to nitpick, because I can't so easily dismiss all of the trek I have watched. I like alternate universe type storylines and variations on characters but keep the universes "rules" in tact please.


    - the idea that the ship with the eugenics folks was found early and by someone else
    - rogue admiral storyline
    - City shots on earth (except for famous landmarks being present, it hought they were mostly destroyed during ww3).
    - SFX \ Sound combat, everything had so much impact.
    - NX-01 on the desk of the admiral.
    - Mckoy portrayed well


    - everything to do with the actual ships and technology, i prefer the old ways not the present day looking tech stuff (look of engineering)
    - spock\uhura relationship, never was a fan of this.
    - changes to klingon look
    - Inclusion of Khan \ British Khan (totally not needed)
    - Role reversed wrath of khan scenes - common, reboot alternate universe, just do new stuff.
    - praxis destroyed earlier?
    - where is the rest of starfleet?
    - inclusion of Old spock.
    - chekov...
    - modern day looking unforms with hats... :P
    - enterprise just gets the shit blown out of it, no fighting back, no tactics.
    - Sideways torpedoes?
    - giant enterprise (i'm still annoyed by this)
    - underwater enterprise (why not just park in orbit and fly to planet....
    - overheating shuttle?! they got through the atmosphere, but spock can stand in the volcano?!
    - no familiar aliens... no andorians, ect...
    - oh and they spelled Qo'nos, Kronos
  8. DavidLeeRoth

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    Feb 9, 2013
    Another dislike:

    Not crazy about Christopher Pines as Kirk. Pines falls far short of Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew and Bakula. He reminds me more of a Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell than James T. Kirk, which I guess would make Pike Mr. Belding.

    I had fun watching this film, but it also lacked heart, and substance. I'm just not crazy about the J.J. films I guess. Star Trek ended with Voyager for me, although Enterprise did have a few gems.
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    I didn't care for this part of the movie, either. The movie was good up until then, because it seems like it didn't need to "rehash" old scenes. But at least it was mainly just this scene... I just hope future films won't keep continuously doing this, but otherwise, I loved the film. Kept my eyes open the whole two hours :)
  10. C_Miller

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    May 24, 2009
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    I actually loved this movie. A lot.

    - The opening with the Strange New World. It was a sequel to a film that really didn't feel like Star Trek, yet it starts this off with something that sets it a part from all other Science Fiction: the exploration of strange places. I had the biggest smile on my face through that whole sequence.

    - Everyone had something to do. Chekov who got promoted to Chief Engineer was the only main character who was kind of relegated to nothing. But other than him every character played a very important role. Compared to the Kirk/Spock show of the first movie, it was nice to see a truly ensemble cast.

    - I thought the plot was actually well done. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was serviceable. While some of the details may have had holes in them, overall I think the whole point A to point B worked out really well.

    - The character interaction was very good and while I'm still not seeing these characters as the originals in terms of the actors, the interactions sell me. When Kirk, Spock and Bones were in the Brig with Khan, I could see Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly doing the same thing. I could also see Shatner and Doohan in Kirk and Scotty's conversation in Engineering that led to the latter's resignation.

    - Kirk and Spock. While it was an ensemble film, their relationship is really the emotional anchor. And it worked. Kirk learning to be a bit more like Spock and Spock learning to be a big more like Kirk is a really fun plot point.


    - Comparisons to The Wrath of Khan. The reveal was fine. I was hoping he wouldn't be Khan, just because we've already had the best possible Khan movie, but he worked out (if not poorly used for no other reason than he wasn't the main villain). But when the third act happened and it literally was The Wrath of Khan. Looking back, I actually found it to be well done, but it took me out of the movie when I was really engrossed.

    - Carol Marcus. It was nice that they're adding females to the cast, but I could have liked a more classic character. Being a weapons expert would have given Janice Rand something to do.

    - We didn't get to see more status quo. I'm not saying that they should have spent the entire film charting nebulas and what not, but it there was not a single instance before the end of the film (like the last one), where the entire crew was at their station doing their jobs. They were about to start and Scotty resigned. Then by the time he got back to the ship, it was literally falling apart. Idk, next movie I'd like some bridge banter like they used to do.

    Again, Very Very good film. I'm looking forward to catching it again.
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    Andrew Timson
    When did that happen in Into Darkness? I know it did in the first movie, during the black hole escape, but I don't remember it here...
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    1 - Spock/Kirk death scene - in TWOK, Spock and Kirk have known each other for decades and built a deep and profound friendship but Spock still didn't cry

    In this film, Spock and Kirk have only known each other for a few years and yet Spock is wailing and crying and screaming Khaaaan! like an emotional child

    Quinto's Spock is too emotional for my tastes in general though

    2 - Why create a new time line and say "we're free to do new stories" just so you can retread old ground - i expected they would do this eventually but not as early as the second film....we accepted the new time line and the idea that Trek could go in a new direction so why bottle it and just retell Wrath of Khan
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    May 21, 2009
    Wow, hello all, it's been a very long while for me but I've just seen STID yesterday. I probably will be rehashing something others have mentioned but after waiting for this movie with such anticipation, I was a bit sad that it has left me a bit meh in some areas. Overall, I will say that the movie was good. My main issue is with the characterization of Khan his introduction to us and his "ending."

    Khan is such an iconic character for me---same as the Klingons. I wish he could have been established in this movie as a malevolent presence to be fleshed out and seen more in the next movie. I liked his entrance---helping Noel Clarke's character but would have liked a scene of them speaking -what would you do for your family???--him explaining that his family is being held prisoner and he needs his help to get them back---having to convince this forth-right upstanding Star Fleet Officer to commit mass murder on his behalf. I totally get that to be offered a vial of blood to save his daughter's life would get him on board, but in those few scenes Noel infused his character with strength, and honor somehow to me and I think he would have agreed in the end but would have needed some convincing.

    We don't have time for that you say---the show runners didn't think so either which is why I didn't get what I wanted but goodness would I have preferred that to every scene Dr. Carol Marcus was in and to Kirk waking up in bed with 2 alien women with tails.

    I love the Klingons and I love Khan. I'm just one of those people who love a good Bad Guy Character and Khan is a evil/good bad guy.

    I wanted to know Khan is a nasty piece of work...not to be told way late in the game.

    I was moved by Khan's speech and think he might have a case for his anger and need for vengence. I wanted him to out-smart Spock and get his comrades back and I wanted him to fly off with that suped up Starship and then be a real menace to the Star Trek crew as they war with the Klingons.

    To leave Khan once again imprisoned "on ice" was such a cop out. No, the bad guy shouldn't win, but Star Fleet hasn't won by returning him to a cryogenic state either. I Liked BC's interpretation of this time-line's Khan. I wish he had more to do and I wish he could have kicked butt - won the day- and scuttled away to fight another day.

    I'm sure some clueless red shirt is going to stumble into the secret bay where Khan and his crew are stored and inadvertently release one who will later free Khan but that's just going to waste time in the next movie when he could be roaming around creating havoc between Star Fleet and the Klingons now. lol.

    Ah well, I'm just glad to have finally seen the movie...I'll be going to see it once or twice more hopefully and maybe Kirk telling Bones to can it with all the freaking metaphors will take all my pain away :-)
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    My point exactly. After waiting 4 years, I was disappointed by the movie. I doubt I'll give this a second watch, even when the DVD comes out.

    We already know what the next movie is going to be about:

    A villain is hell bent on revenge, causing death and destruction while Kirk and crew goes after him, suffering casualities while the Enterprise is almost destroyed in yet another glorious space battle. Somehow overcoming all odds, Kirk defeats the villain.

    Same as JJ's first two movies...not to mention some of the others in the Prime Universe. GO HOLLYWOOD!
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    I liked the Nibiru natives drawing the Enterprise in the dirt. That scene really made me smile.
  16. KittyDuran

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    If SF can find a way to use the "magical" blood maybe...
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    Saw the movie last night and I really enjoyed it overall, I would just say on performance alone, regardless of his characters name, Cumberlach (sp) turned in a great performance, Montalban as Kahn is still my number one, but Cumberlach was a close second.

    One of the things I really enjoyed that I haven't seen mentioned were the battle scenes, I really liked the fact that the bridge didn't erupt into flames every time the enterprise was hit. It was a small thing but a nice thing.
  18. AbramsIsSatan

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    The whole third act leaves me incredibly cold.

    There was almost no point to the climax other than to force in a rehash of TWOK and give us a lame fistfight.

    I was completely taken out of the film and rolled my eyes when Spock screamed.

    It was a big cliche within a cliche.
  19. BritishSeaPower

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    Finally able to codify some of my major dislikes with the writing of this film. I'm keeping out things people have already mentioned. (Where are the other ships around Earth? Speed of plot warp? Worst Kept Secret Ship Which We Also Keep A Model of On OUr Desk?)

    It occurs to me that none of the false identities were really necessary. Apparently no one in the future can use facial recognition software to figure out who Harrison is, unless he's had cosmetic surgery. The Carol thing was... incredibly dumb. It lasted for what... a scene and quarter? (Let alone the massive waste of a character she was. Zero chemistry with Kirk and barely any scenes after the bomb.) They all came off as rushed and poorly thought out.

    The demoted to academy, then instantly re-promoted to XO to taking over the Enterprise again rang false. That lasted for all of 5 minutes and felt like a carry over from a previous edit of the script that was meant to add drama. Either kick him out of the chair completely or make him XO, doing both (and not actually doing either because we never experience them or get any real reaction from Kirk) just felt like they had no clue what to do. It's almost like the writers admitted Kirk hadn't earned the chair in the first movie.

    And then there's the diversity issue. Uhura barely does anything. Both times she needs to be rescued by a man. The film can't pass the Blechdel test. There's an awful lot of white people running around the film. How about that meeting of the admiralty? 1 woman? Yeesh... How do you create a movie in 2013 with less racial/sexual awareness than the original show from the 60s?

    Also... we drop a ship in the middle of the city, yet traffic patterns, foot traffic, freight, etc. all continue on unperturbed?

    There was a too many cooks in the kitchen feel to the plot and Damon Lindelof is pretty much a guarantee I'm avoiding a film now. Prometheus and now this? No thank you.
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    in a figment of a mediocre mind's imagination
    -really liked the parallels with TWOK

    -good story, much improved nuKirk
    -liked Cumberbatch's performance

    -liked the Old Spock appearance

    -pace was a little too frenetic, a little too much action