What are your controversial Star Trek opinions?


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I'll start.

I don't think The Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek movie or even as good a movie as my fellow fans think it is. I hear all kinds of reasons as to why it is considered the best, but, the most common one I hear is that because it isn't The Motion Picture -- which is just absurd. As if the whole reason Wrath of Khan should be considered the best is because it's better than the movie before it, which assumes that I share the same general sentiments about the first movie as everyone else -- which I don't.

I like the Wrath of Khan just fine. It's a perfectly good Star Trek movie, but I think the franchise has done much better since it came out. I don't like that it's put on this pedestal where every new Star Trek film has to be compared with it.
Wrath of Khan is interesting for me, because I couldn't bring myself to appreciate it fully until the 2017 Fathom Events 35th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release. Somehow seeing it on the big screen made it 10x more epic.

With The Motion Picture I had a reverse experience. I grew up watching it on a TV screen, and fell in love with it when the DVD Director's Edition was released, even though I always preferred the theatrical cut. But when I went last year to see the film on the big screen for it's 40th anniversary, I kept blanking out, and though I didn't fall asleep, I lost interest soon after the Klingon Battle in the beginning, and had to force myself to keep watching. I've never been as bored as an adult watching TMP.
TNG seasons 1-3 are better than seasons 4-7, or at least more creative, with a few exceptions (on both sides)

For me, I think TNG gets better as the seasons go and have always believed that everyone likes to trash season one simply because they feel the other seasons are much stronger. It's hindsight. I'm too young to be aware of what the general consensus of TNG was in the early days as season one was airing.

But I'll watch an episode of season one just as often as I would from season five or six.
I got a few

1 I don't think LaForge crossed the line in Galaxy's Child. I think he just made a human mistake of forming preconceptions.

2 I don't hate Harry Kim at all and think he and Paris actually make for a good buddy duo.

3 Neelix is a good character as well.

4 Quark is 4th best character in all of Trek behind Kirk/Spock and McCoy.

5 Martock should have been LGBTQ. People talk about Garak but I kind of like they didn't do it with Garak because the more secrets you have with him the better. Martock on the other hand would have been a great choice. A chance to explore that from someone in a warrior culture and also because Worf wasn't always the most woke of characters when it comes to this issue. To see a adopted brother be this would have made for fine character drama.

1. TOS and DSN tie for best Trek series, the rest are inferior.
2. Saavik was a full-Vulcan. She showed emotion in TWoK because she was still young and relatively inexperienced, not because she was "half Romulan".
3. Starfleet is a military organization, and not everyone in Starfleet is an officer.
4. The explanation for the difference in TOS and latter-day Klingons which was shown in ENT is just fine.
5. Arex is an edoan, not a triexian (which is just a silly comic book name for a trilateral species).
6. "Fleet Captain" is a position, not a rank. Commodore is the rank held by a one-star flag officer.
WoK was too theatrical for me, I prefer TVH. Which also had a great soundtrack! ;)

According to my experience here, other opinions that belong here are:
- The 1701 should've kept its design in DIS cause it kept it in DS9 and ENT
- The Klingons should've gotten a minor design update or no changes at all in DIS
- The DIS Klingon ships and weapons look ridiculously ornamental
- Threshold is odd, but other episodes are worse
- On a linear scale from utopia to dystopia, less of one means more of the other
TOS isn't as good as many people claim, they just say it is because of nostalgic reasons.

The Final Frontier has the best Kirk/Spock/McCoy scenes of all the movies.

Berman and Braga didn't mess up Enterprise as much as fans claim, it was the studio-bosses above them forcing things like transporters and phase-pistols on them to make it all sound more 'Star Trek'. Their original ideas for season 1 were a lot more interesting.

Also, Enterprise isn't nearly as bad as some fans claim. It's just not what they thought it should be.

Biggest controversial opinion though??
The worst thing ever to happen to Star Trek are the fans. But in my opinion, that goes for all fandoms.
I love Threshold.
I thought A Night in Sickbay was hilarious in a good way.
Let He who is Without Sin is not that bad.
The Siege of AR-558 sucks.
I think The Search for Spock has a few really good scenes but squanders it's potential.
The Final Frontier is really fun.
I think Into Darkness is really good only let down by it's ending.
Beyond is the third best of the reboot films.
I've never seen Darmok and don't really care to.
DS9 Season 7 isn't very good.
Jake/Ezri rather Bashir/Ezri or Worf/Ezri.
Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner should never been allowed to have as much input into Insurrection and Nemesis and the focus on their characters since Generations fucked over everyone else involved and forced the release of shoddy products.