Spoilers What are the best moments??

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    Jul 6, 2011
    1. Burnham in the spacesuit, pursuing the object of unknown origin. She discovers the art and appreciates it. It highlights her character's curiosity, and position, on Discovery while using its theme about the dangers of space exploration. The shots are incredible.

    2. Chess--Spock and Burnham. It is a source of contention, essentially their care for each other. Spock rejects Burnham until she is in fire need of guidance, perspective, on the situation with Control and losing her birth mom for the second time.

    3. Tyler and Burnham kiss. In my favorite episode of the first season, Burnham, never falling in love, shares how she will spent her time post-war. Tyler essentially states to let the war rage because cannot lose Burnham.

    4. Tyler relents; Voq tries to kill Burnham. Not much more needs to be said, except that Burnham has been fighting this internal struggle while struggling with her identity. Voq contrasts Burnham. Burnham is hurt by the man she loves. Things are still strained.

    That's all I can remember today. I hope you have a list as long (or longer) than mine.
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  2. Boris Skrbic

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    Dec 14, 2010
    1. Discovery jumps into the future, where it should’ve been from the start.

    2. Those in the know are instructed never to speak of Discovery, providing us with a straightforward, easy-to-point-to example of the showrunners’ penchant for deus-ex-machina writing and a lack of confidence in worldbuilding up to that point.

    3. Whenever Klingons use Okrand’s constructed language (as opposed to the Bermanverse’s “Klingon-sounding” phrases that may or may not be retrofitted into Okrand’s Klingon after the fact).

    4. That’s about it, since the show has been fairly average so far: not that it cannot improve as TNG did.
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    Jul 11, 2017
    Pretty sure it involves Pike.
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  4. Boris Skrbic

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    Dec 14, 2010
    You don’t feel they’re diminished by his obvious role as a ratings booster, taking over as he did instead of Saru becoming captain so the show could sink or swim depending on how well an original character was written/acted? Imagine if a middle-aged Captain Spock had replaced Picard in Season 2 of TNG.
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    - Executing the "plan" against the (barely fleshed out) Sarcophagus ship half way through season 1 was brilliant, from the moment Burnham activates the second sensor. Very well put together.

    - The Cage episode of season 2, that one was excellent, and to a lesser extent the one with the church.

    Beyond those, I'm struggling.
  6. Noname Given

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    The inclusion of Pike could have gone either way. Luckily, the writing staff, and Anson Mount as well did a good job and we got a 'Pike' that resonated with both TOS and newer fans.

    As far as ST: D's best moment: For me it was the episode : "If Memory Serves".
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    Into the Forest I Go and If Memory Serves are both high-water marks, worthy of any of the classic Trek episodes. As for moments....(and I'll pick from episodes other than those)

    Pike seeing his future destiny

    Seeing the Enterprise bridge for the first time.

    The reveal of the Ba'ul above Kaminar

    Discovering that we are in the Mirror Universe

    The return of Culber

    Ariam's sacrifice

    Lorca trying to protect the USS Gagarin

    Releasing the Tardigrade

    Donut maneuver that saves New Eden

    Finding out why Sarek was so "mad" at Spock for joining Starfleet

    Georgeau is the MU emperor

    "Just kidding, I hate poetry"

    Lorca being killed by Mudd over and over

    Burnham's time jumping in Sweet Sorrow pt 2

    Saru's near-death scene

    "I still don't give a damn"

    Pike goes back to give Jacob the truth

    Any time Michelle Yeoh gets into hand-to-hand combat

    Discovery defeats the Klingons at Corovan 2
  8. pst

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    pike getting a glimpse of his future is (to me) one of the best trek moments put to film in years.
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    Yep, the Pike moment where he saw his future kills the thread
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  10. Lord Garth

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    Aug 10, 1999
    1. Burnham in the Space Suit in "The Vulcan Hello" when she emerges from the Shenzhou. You really feel like Burnham is going into space.

    2. When Burnham actually encounters the Klingon in the Space Suit in said episode. It's the first time the Klingons felt truly alien.

    3. When Lorca sells Burnham on the concept of the Spore Drive in "Context Is for Kings". He's channeling Don Draper with his pitch to her.

    4. At the end of "Context Is for Kings", after Landry delivers the Tartigrade to Lorca and he says, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." That's when you know for sure something is up with him. I liked that Discovery had a rogue Captain.

    5. When Discovery comes to the rescue on Corvan II in "The Butcher's Knife" and makes short work of the Klingons. That was Discovery's ultimate Hero Moment.

    6. Lorca and Tyler in the simulator fighting the Klingons in "Lethe". Then Tyler understating his kills, then Lorca saying he doesn't have to lie because he wants his Security Chief to be better than him.

    7. Lorca and Cornwell having dinner together in "Lethe", leading up the end with Lorca pulling the phaser on Cornwell, and Cornwell realizing something is wrong. But most of all, I like the date. And, in retrospect, Lorca's smooth recovery when Cornwell talks about the Old Days. "It was so long ago." Good thing she didn't go any further. He would've been screwed. :p

    8. Also in "Lethe" (can you tell I like this episode?), when Lorca shows how much of an asshole he is by not even bothering to rescue Cornwell.

    9. When Cornwell is captured by the Klingons, "The Vulcan Hello" might've shown them at their most alien, but "Lethe" showed them at their most scary. I thought she was fucked the moment she met with them. These were not the Klingons of TNG/DS9.

    10. Harry Mudd killing Lorca over and over again in "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad", just for the black humor of it.

    I'll stop here. For now. #11-20 at another time.
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