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    Nov 9, 2000
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    If you are reading this, then you're at our brand spanking new server!

    The new setup is very different to what we had... so hopefully things will be quicker and smoother around here now.

    Let me know if you spot anything amiss.

    For the more techies amongst you...

    We have less CPU clout that we did before, but everything else is way better. And CPU was never really our issue.

    The databases are now on a solid state drive, and we have more RAM - which should hopefully help to solve the database bottlenecks we've been receiving.

    We have two servers, mirrored, so in the event of a failure we can switch to the other server.

    We have dropped Apache, which was bloatted and not efficient for vBulletin, and are now using NGINX which alone should help in performance.

    Cor blimey guvnor the servers are now located in London, rather than Michigan.