Welcome AlphaMan to TNZ - & TBonz as admin - properly, this time ;)

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    It gives me great pleasure to announce a new moderator to step into the void that is TNZ - AlphaMan.

    He'll be taking over from Label, who will be sadly missed.

    I'm sure all the participants in the forum are familiar with his level headed contributions to the 'Zone, and we're sure he'll continue in this vein now he's ascended to modhood. [​IMG]

    Welcome to AlphaMan!

    Sadly, it's also time for Jethro Elvis to step down as BBS administrator. He'll be missed.

    However, our current roving admin T'Bonz has gracefully agreed to step onto the admin staff and do a full rotation.


    Sorry. Couldn't resist. [​IMG]

    Cheers Bonz-Mate. [​IMG]

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