Watching Farscape Season 1.

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    Keepin' the thread alive, my own viewing of Farscape has taken me into the home stretch - I've just started the final 6 episodes of Season 4. Fascinating stuff! I won't go into spoilers out of respect to the OP who was just starting Season 1 not long ago, except I think you will indeed find the Farscape of late season 4 almost unrecognizable from the first year.

    Season 4 - again avoiding spoilers - is interesting because it's full of experimentation, both in terms of format and the characters. I think part of this is due to the fact it was made with the assumption (thanks to a promise made by Sci-Fi) that the show would return for Season 5, and that Season 5 was going to be the finale. So they played around with a few things that they probably wouldn't have had they known the show was going to end.

    When you do get to the final season, I really have to recommend the deleted scenes from the episode "A Constellation of Doubt", which was the final episode filmed (but not the last to air). The very last scene filmed for the series has John making comments about "German backers" which, for people who know the background related to Farscape's cancellation, must have been written in response. If not, it was a heck of a coincidence.

    I'm depressed that I only have about 6 eps to go, plus the mini-series.

    And if you think it's hard avoiding spoilers for stuff like Doctor Who and Lost, it's doubly hard avoiding spoilers for a show like Farscape that's been gone 7 arns, er, years. I mean, I already know mostly what happens in the final episode, but there's lots of character bits and in-between plots that I've managed to avoid, so this really is a new show for me. And based on having watching virtually the whole thing over the last 2 months, I'd have no hesitation recommending it. It's on par with nuBSG in terms of recent serialized SF, and I'd even push it ahead of BSG based on the fact the show never really lost momentum with me (a few off episodes notwithstanding, but all series have those), unlike BSG which had a pretty severe seventh inning slump that actually made me lose interest in it for a while. Also, I feel Farscape successfully varied itself in terms of its tone, easily moving between black seriousness and light comedy, unlike BSG which handled the darkness extremely well, but rarely moved into the light. With Farscape you really didn't have any idea which way the show would head from one week to the next - serious or light, often within the same episode.

    PS. I'm not intending to turn this into a Farscape vs BSG thread. I chose to make the comparison because both were long-term serials, both were ship-based series, and both had the underlying premise of a quest to find Earth while avoiding bad guys. And both have lead characters (Crichton/Adama) who as the series progresses go more and more off the rails. Yeah, that's a little spoiler, but I think I can get away with it! It's how Crichton gets there and what he does when he's there that's the cool part that you'll discover as the show goes on.

    Oh, and both shows featured Kent McCord, too, though I think even the most rabid BSG fan will concede that Farscape is a superior show to Galactica 1980! ;)

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    Granny creeped me out, but I think I loved every other Farscape character. That is rare for me. I usually pick at least one character to loathe with a white hot passion, but I liked all of the Farscape characters, flaws and all.
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    Agreed. Farscape was that rare show where all of the characters were interesting to one degree or another. Not a useless one in the bunch.

    And the way they introduced Granny was great.

    "Who is that woman?" No big introduction, she's just there.
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    Well 23eskido. Did you finish Farscape and The Peacekeeper Wars mini series ? What is your review about Farscape universe and its adventures in general ?

    What about OP ?