Was there a Happy Meal for Star Trek Beyond?

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    Ok, I know the "Happy Meal" is actually a McDonald's creation...and I remember fondly the TMP Happy Meal I had as a child, with a ring with a secret compartment (I might still have a couple of the pieces left).

    And I know Burger King had things for the first 2 reboot movies. We still have the Klingon ship handed out for the 1st movie...and I think I have a glass as well.

    Now, I wasn't actively looking, but did Burger King (or any place else) have anything for Star Trek Beyond?

    If not, that's a shame...I mean, yeah, it's marketing and such...but for me , it was one of those things to connect me more with whatever they featured, and would have helped Trek...especially with a 50th anniversary.

    Makes me wanna start a thread in the general about the many many many missed marketing opportunities over the years
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