Vulcan Salute ?

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    Jan 23, 2013
    I sometimes greet known Barsoom fans with "Kaor."

    Nonsense. You just have a black belt in Tai Po.
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    I'm right handed and can do it with both hands, but it looks much better and is easier to do with my left hand. When I do it with my right hand it is slightly painful as well. :confused:
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    Probably because A. Not all Vulcans have the same dominant hand, and B. Not all human actors have the same dominant hand.

    I'm right-handed, and have no trouble doing the Vulcan salute with either hand.

    As for hand-shaking... I dislike shaking hands, but when I do it, it's with my right hand. It was very awkward on one occasion when somebody tried to shake hands with me and he used his left hand.
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    My mind was closer to the gutter.:alienblush:
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    thanks for the replies

    some more....

    First Contact, right hand

    animated Trek, right hand

    Trek, Darkness Spock LEFT hand (response to Kirk)


    Behind the scenes Spock LEFT hand

    ....can't find an image of either Saavik giving the salute?
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    Dec 26, 2002
    I can do it with either hand, and both feet too.