Voyager (w/Discovery elements): Spores, A Way Home?

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    Star Trek: Voyager – Spores, A Way Home?
    8 May 2371
    It was just over two weeks since Voyager had left the Ocampa System. Captain Kathryn Janeway had an idea, based on something she had been briefed on after she was promoted to Captain. (There were a lot of things a Starfleet Officer was briefed on when they became Captain, but this particular thing was most relevant to Voyager's situation.) It had been a good day on the Bridge, with no encounter with any ships, enemy or otherwise. (But she was certain that they hadn't seen the last of the Kazon...)
    Once in her quarters, she activated her terminal. “Computer, access confidential file: DSC-1031-DASH, authorisation code: Janeway pi alpha six.”

    Security Code Confirmed,” the Computer said. “Playing first video file.”
    The screen then showed a man with pale skin, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. “I am Lt. Commander Paul Stamets, This is an introduction to the Displacement Activated Spore Hub Drive, for future Starfleet Captains.
    Janeway paid close attention as the long-dead Stamets detailed how the Spore Drive used the universial Mycelium to move a starship through space.

    Later in the day, Janeway showed Commander Chakotay, and Lt. Commander Tuvok the video.

    “So, you're saying that we can use this 'Spore Drive' to get home?” Chakotay asked.

    “Yes,” Janeway answered. “But there is a problem. The technical schematics for the drive are in the computer, but...”

    “We don't have any of the necessary spores aboard?” Tuvok concluded.

    “Exactly, nor are any in sensor range. But we may run across some on our route to the Alpha Quadrant. The computer will flag them when Voyager detects them.”

    “So you're telling us to be alert for this possible way home?” Chakotay asked.


    8 September 2371
    B'Elanna Torres entered the Captain's Ready Room. “Engineering is running without problems, Captain,” she said.

    “That's not the reason I called you, Lieutenant,” Janeway said.

    “Then, what's the problem?”

    “A minor engineering problem. I'd like you to have a look at some specifications.”

    The Chief Engineer was intrigued. “Really?” she asked.

    “Yes,” the Captain answered as she handed B'Elanna a PADD.

    B'Elanna looked over the file the Captain had been looking at. After half a minute she said; “If I'm not mistaken, Captain, these specs are quite old.”

    “Over a century old, in fact.”

    “These are quite interesting. It seems to indicate a faster than light drive, different to regular warp drive.”

    “You're right,” the Captain said. “But the question is, can the designs be adapted to Voyager?”

    “Are you kidding?”


    “If I'm reading this correctly, it requires a biological component. Do we have it.”

    “Not at present, but we may find samples on our route,” Janeway said.

    “And it also requires contra-rotating hull segments, in a design almost like the Crossfield-class had.”

    “That's not a problem.”

    “It is a big problem. It would take ages to redesign the outside of Voyager's hull to do what this is supposed to do!”

    “How long?” Janeway asked.

    “I don't know. I would need to look at the designs in more detail.”

    Janeway sighed. “Then consider it a long-term project, Lieutenant. But I would like a viable design before we find any spores.”

    “I shall begin today, Captain.”
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    Hmm, interesting idea. But then what would they be doing for the rest of the time that the show was on the air once they got home? Fight in the Dominion War? Live? Die? Take up competitive ballroom dancing?
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    An interesting take though I do wonder how many magic mushrooms the STD writers had taken when writing the scripts, lol. For Torres to make that work she'd need access to a Starfleet construction yard with a couple hundred (at least) of the SCE's finest to pretty much deconstruct and reassemble the ship from scratch--the nacelles go up and down, that's all the movement a starship needs :guffaw:
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    Would the actual upper and lower hull of Voyager's oval primary hull have to be what rotates?

    Or could there be two new rotating circular sections above and below Voyager's existing primary hull?

    And there would have to be a person in the circuit to fulfill the role Stamets played, otherwise they would have the same problem Discovery had in not being in full control of the ship's destination.
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    I nominate Neelix.