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    The TBBS Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza is happening again! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's your opportunity to make the day of fellow TBBSers by sending them digital flowers, be it for friendship, admiration, love, or even a crush. Kestra and Mary Ann will send the flowers to your intendeds on your behalf on Valentine's Day, so you can send them anonymously if you wish, and with our without a written note. It's a lot of light-hearted fun, and popular among regular participants. Head over to the thread in the Miscellaneous lounge to read more about it, and your TBBS Valentine's Day cherubs (suitably dressed, of course) look forward to hearing from you!

    Two Bonz rules:
    -No whining about this. Participate or don't.
    - I expect a zillion valentines. Hop to it! (obviously joking here). All kidding aside, don't forget to reward those doing the work (i.e. Kestra and Mary Ann)

    Have fun!

    Go here to take part!
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