UT10: Dark Territory: Conspirata

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    Imperial Bird-of-Prey Vrax

    Medical Bay

    Major Leta reached out and cradled Glover’s hand in her own. Terrence didn’t know if it was the drugs coursing through the woman’s system, but he enjoyed the gesture just the same. Leta had a serene expression on her face as she laid on the biobed. Rhean, who had some combat medic training, had done an admirable job stitching up the woman’s chest wound. Glover could see just the tip of the stitching above the sheet Leta was under. During Crassus’s attack, Leta’s console had exploded, lodging a shard of metal into the woman’s chest. Thankfully it hadn’t been in her abdomen.

    That made him think of Crassus’s final moments, and Glover shuddered. Leta’s smile spread. “I didn’t take you to be the squeamish type.” She had mistaken his shiver to the sight of her wound.

    “I’m not, but I don’t like the idea of you suffering any harm,” Terrence said. Leta closed her eyes and purred.

    “You have quite the golden tongue human,” She replied.

    “That’s uh, silver tongue,” Glover gently corrected.

    “They’re both tongues, does it matter?” The major challenged. And Glover was glad to see that she hadn’t lost her old fire.

    “I guess it doesn’t,” Terrence conceded.

    “I like…tongues,” the woman said, her eyes fluttering open, and her cheeks greening with embarrassment. “That came out wrong.”

    “Nah, I think you got it right, and I couldn’t agree more,” Glover said before bending down to kiss the woman’s forehead. “Perhaps we can…explore that once you’re recovered.”


    Imperial Bird-of-Prey Vrax

    Main Bridge

    When Glover entered the bridge, Rhean swiveled out of his chair and Hudson gave up the operations console for the Romulan. “How are they?” Cal asked.

    “Leta is recovering nicely, thanks to the Sublieutenant,” he nodded in her direction and the woman smiled. Glover’s expression grew dourer, “But Xinran is still in a coma.”

    “I’m sorry, but his injuries were very severe,” Rhean said, “I did the best I could. Inducing a coma was the best way to save his life.”

    “No judgment here,” Terrence waved away her apology. “Cal and I couldn’t have done any better and more than likely worse.” Xinran had been nearly electrocuted in a feedback loop from his console to the adjoining bulkhead monitors, catching him in a net of electricity.

    “Terrence is right Sublieutenant,” Hudson added.

    The woman looked at both of them, a pinched expression on her face. “Sublieutenant? I think it’s safe to say that I’m not longer a member of the Imperial Fleet. I never belonged there to begin with,” she added, and that made Glover think of how easily the woman had offered to destroy the ship she had served on.

    “So what’s our status?” Glover asked as he made his way over to the helm.

    “We’re an hour away from the Federation border,” Hudson said. “I can’t believe how easily it’s been traversing Romulan space and crossing into the Neutral Zone since our tussle with the L’Nar.”

    Glover winced. “Why did you have to say that Cal?”

    Hudson stood behind Terrence and clapped his shoulder. “Stop being so superstitious.”

    “I’ll stop being superstitious once we are back in the Federation,” Terrence rejoined. But as the Vrax neared their destination, Glover allowed himself to relax, as the adrenaline started to pour out of him and the dark memories of what he had experienced aboard the Arx flooded in. How was he going to explain the loss of Admiral Uhura, Lady Valeris, or sending the Arx into another reality? What had he doomed the denizens of that reality to? The Borg threat had been neutralized, but for how long?

    The things were still heavy on his mind as they entered Federation space. “Hallelujah!” Cal pumped a fist. Rhean’s swallow was audible. Now the consequences of her decision to defect got even realer for her.

    Rhean glanced at her terminal in frowned. Glover’s stomach tightened. The universe delayed getting them back for Hudson’s assertion, but Terrence knew the pushback was coming.

    “Sensors are detecting a Starfleet ship, approaching on an attack vector!”

    Glover checked the information on his console. “Griffin-class,” he replied. “Perimeter action vessel.”

    “Border Service,” Hudson added, his brow wrinkling.

    “Hail them,” Glover told Rhean. “But I’ll do the talking.”

    Before Terrence could speak, he was interrupted, “Romulan vessel, this is Captain Cicero Donners of the USS Blackhaw; you have illegally crossed into Federation territory. If you do not exit Federation territory and return to Romulan space immediately, this violation will be considered an act of war!”

    “The Blackhaw is charging weapons,” Rhean said, her voice even, though Terrence could sense the strain beneath.

    “Lower shields and power down weapons,” Glover ordered.

    “What?” The woman was incredulous.

    “We’re among friends,” Terrence explained.

    “They don’t seem too friendly to me,” Rhean shot back.

    “Just do it,” Glover said tightly. The woman huffed but followed his command.

    “The Blackhaw is still on an attack vector, with weapons primed.”

    “Hail them again,” Terrence said.

    “Hailing frequencies open,” Rhean reported. Glover spoke quickly and persuasively enough that the Blackhaw skipper requested visual communication.

    The dark-skinned man stroked his mustache, his grin beaming. “We’ll I’ll be damned. Lt Commander Glover eh? Welcome back to the Federation!”

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    Nov 18, 2005

    Starbase 23

    Early 2365

    “What a way to ring in the New Year, eh Cal?” Glover held up his glass as he watched the fireworks display outside one of the lounge’s many ports. The Starships Essex, Valiant, Exeter, Odyssey, and Helena were lighting up the void, eliciting cheers from everyone in the lounge. Hudson didn’t look so enthused though.

    He hadn’t even touched his champagne. “What’s wrong buddy?”

    “I miss Gretchen,” Hudson said. “They won’t even let me talk to her. I’m surprised they let us join in these festivities.” He glanced at the beefy guards keeping a respectful enough distance from them. Both Terrence and Cal had been given innocuous utility mustard colored jumpsuits to hide their presence there. No one paid much attention to the station’s work crew.

    “I know it’s weird,” Glover admitted. “I don’t like it either. I can’t even talk to my dad, and he’s an admiral for goodness sakes. But the things that went down Starfleet rightfully wants to keep a lid on, and until the higher ups get their pound of flesh from us, we’re guests here.” Terrence glanced over at Rhean and Leta.

    His heart was lifted to see that Leta was back on her feet. The woman was fighting her grief as ably as she had dispatched her injury. The starbase’s commander had a few stocks of Romulan ale and both women held glasses filled with the blue fire.

    Rhean was more into the party atmosphere. She seemed made for the lavender low-cut dress that revealed both ample cleavage and her shapely legs. She was shorter, curvier than Leta. The major’s athletic frame was covered by a long, black dress, with just a slit running up one leg. Both women struck an alluring physical contrast.

    Sensing his gaze, and likely his desire, Rhean walked over to him. She entwined her fingers with his and pulled him toward her. “Join us,” she said, looking at Glover and Cal. Hudson shook his head.

    “Thanks, but no thanks; I’m done for the evening.”

    “Ah, Cal, don’t be that way.”

    “I’m sure you don’t need me around anyway, being a Gloomy Gus.” Hudson said. “I’m going to go check on Xinran.” Terrence nodded in understanding. Xinran had been transferred to the base’s infirmary where the station’s experienced medical staff had aroused him from his coma and the man was convalescing.

    “Let me know how he’s getting on?” Terrence said. Hudson looked over his shoulder and smirked.

    “I’ll let you know…in the morning.”


    Starbase 23

    Guest Quarters

    Glover turned to Rhean and kissed her passionately, the spicy taste of Romulan ale still on her lips. Then he shifted and fell into Leta’s embrace. The three formed one mass of writhing flesh, seeking, giving, taking, finding, releasing, and then emerging different than the night before.

    As Terrence drifted off, he thought, what the three had experienced was almost enough, almost, to numb his pain and hopefully theirs as well….


    Starbase 23

    Lt. Commander Glover fell into step beside Cal. Like him, Hudson was also in a fresh Starfleet uniform. It felt good to be in uniform again. His old friend leaned close to him.

    “So how was last night?” He whispered.

    “Gentlemen never tell,” Glover grinned.

    “That’s why I’m asking you?” Cal rejoined. Glover could only laugh.

    “You know what this meeting is about?” Terrence asked.

    Hudson sighed. “I don’t know, but I’m just glad Command is finally moving their rear end on this. Could be Internal Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence, Special Affairs, or Temporal Investigations for all I know. Whoever it is, I hope they are satisfied to commute our sentence.”

    “Ah Cal, it isn’t that bad,” Glover replied. “Heck, we needed a vacation after all that we’ve just been through.”

    “Fair point,” Hudson nodded, “But it all being the same, I would rather pick the venue.”

    “I can’t argue with that,” Glover said. Both men had reached the room where the meeting would take place.

    Cal gave an officious bow. “After you, Lieutenant Commander.”

    “Now you respect rank,” Glover quipped. He crossed the threshold and into unreality.

    Sitting at the head of the table, Admiral Uhura smiled, “What’s wrong Commander, cat got your tongue?”


    Starbase 23

    “How is this possible? How are you alive?” Glover’s joy warred with shock.

    “Yeah,” Hudson added, equally stunned.

    “Please, gentlemen,” Uhura half-rose from her chair. “Please take a seat, and have some Altairian water,” she gestured to the seats facing her chair and the glasses of water waiting for them. Uhura sat back down and took a sip from her own glass. The woman was dressed in simple gray civilian robes, but still held a regal bearing.

    “I don’t understand what’s going on,” Glover said.

    “I will explain it to you,” the admiral assured them, “After you have a seat.” Glover knew an order when he heard one.

    Once the two men had sat down and the admiral had pestered them into sipping some of the pure, fresh water, she imbibed herself before starting.

    “I’m sorry for the deception gentlemen, I wanted to take part in the mission,” Uhura explained, “But I am getting too old for that kind of stuff. One my old associates, a good person, a trusted friend, took my place.”

    “But-but how?” Glover asked.

    “Yeah, they looked just like you?”

    “They talked like you, knew things that only you should know,” Glover pressed. He was starting to suspect that this “Uhura” was counterfeit. Perhaps even a hologram. “How do we know you are even real?”

    Uhura held out a frail arm. “You can pinch me honey if you want.”

    “This doesn’t make any sense Admiral,” Hudson stated.

    “The other Uhura was a Chameloid,” she explained. Cal looked at Glover, askance.

    “Chameloids are real?” He asked.

    Glover shrugged. “Guess so pal.”

    “So you had a Chameloid shape shifter impersonate you?” Hudson asked, still incredulous.

    Uhura took another sip. She encouraged them to do the same, but neither man was as thirsty for water as they were for answers. “It was not something I wanted to do, but other voices proved quite persuasive. We didn’t know what to expect with Valeris, what kind of game she might play, and I was persuaded eventually by the argument that if I was captured by the Romulans it would be catastrophic for Starfleet, and that is no idle boast.”

    “No, we get it,” Hudson nodded.

    “You didn’t seem to mind risking our lives though did you?” Glover accused.

    “I’m sorry for the deception Mr. Glover,” Uhura said. “But this mission was of paramount importance, or so it would seem, but we lost so much with not much tangible for the effort. So the knowledge you two men possess are all we have left to salvage this mission, to make the sacrifices incurred matter.”

    Hudson looked at Glover. Terrence reluctantly told the woman almost everything. Or all that he could remember. Some of the experiences with Ben, in that other time, that other space, had faded more to impressions, feelings. But Glover told her about the Arx, and the Pandora Box within it.

    He wasn’t surprised that Uhura knew all about the other fragments that had been recovered by Special Affairs. Both men told her about the Borg and the threat the cybernetic menaces posed to the entire galaxy. He kept back the information about T’Rhiel. He wanted to share that with his father first.

    When it came to Valeris and her fate, Uhura held up a hand. The woman placed her chin on her chest and closed her eyes. She whispered, and Terrence assumed the woman was praying. When she lifted her head again, Terrence saw wetness ringing her eyes.

    “Now I wish I had been there,” Uhura shook her head. “Oh Valeris. You died, with me thinking you were nothing more than a traitor, and that you were leading me into a trap. But you were much more, so much more, and I-I…” She closed her eyes again. A sob escaped her lips.

    Both Glover and Cal sat back and gave the venerable woman a moment. It was Hudson who gently pressed. “Valeris said she was part of Section 31. The Chameloid posing as you claimed to know about this organization. Is there a Section 31?”

    “You shouldn’t ask that question,” Uhura eyes hardened, the shift in her demeanor unsettling.

    “Ma’am, with all due respect, I think we’ve earned the right to ask that question, among others,” Hudson pressed.

    “You have,” Uhura gave a cryptic smile. “But that doesn’t mean I have to answer.”

    “I will get answers,” Cal wouldn’t drop it. His doggedness had always impressed Terrence.

    “He’s right,” Glover joined in. “We will get answers. My father is an admiral.”

    Uhura winked. “Oh, I know.”

    Glover didn’t know what to make of the gesture so he pushed ahead. “My father has many friends at Starfleet Command.”

    “I have more friends, believe me,” the admiral rejoined.

    “We’re not going to let this go,” Glover promised.

    “Son, it’s already gone,” Uhura said, holding up her glass. The two men exchanged confused glances.

    “The water was laced,” the admiral explained. “A slow acting sedative. First physical paralysis and then you’ll nod off to sleep.”

    “W-Why?” Glover’s eyelids felt weighted down by bricks. He tried to get out of his seat, but felt bolted to the chair.

    “It’ll make the surgery easier,” Uhura explained. She didn’t convey the news with any joy.

    “Surgery?” Hudson asked, alarm in his eyes.

    “Yes,” she nodded. “We are going to erase your memory engrams of this mission, of the Borg, the Arx, all of it,” she said.

    “No, no, you can’t do that,” Glover was finding it harder to speak.

    “You’ve got…no right,” Cal added.

    “I don’t,” the admiral’s expression was morose. “But I am going to do it anyway. Besides,” she focused on Terrence. “No person, especially a promising a young man like you should have to carry the burden of what you were compelled to do in the Chaltok system.”

    “Leta…Rhean…Xinran?” Glover forced out. T’Rhiel! He thought, but kept to himself. Don’t take my sister away from me, just after I found her!

    “All will undergo the same procedure,” Uhura said. “All will go on to live productive lives as Federation citizens, none the wiser. You all will receive implanted memories to account for your time on this mission.”

    “Thi-this isn’t right,” Hudson marshalled his anger to fight through the drug. “We-we’re better…than this!”

    “Not necessarily,” the admiral replied. “But we are better than them…and them, take your pick, the Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, So’taj, the Borg Collective, you name it, and that makes all the difference.”

    “You…are…legend,” Glover eyes shut as he felt like he was sinking into his chair. The last words he heard were the admiral’s somber reply.

    “Legends aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.”

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    USS Renegade

    Transporter Room One

    Glover materialized on the platform feeling refresh. He didn’t know why, especially after the ordeal he had just endured.

    Captain Holmes and Lt. Commander Rocha were waiting for him. Both men’s eyes were pregnant with questions. Terrence enjoyed keeping them in the dark.

    Instead he stood at attention and asked for permission to board the starship. Holmes granted it.

    Stepping off the platform, the taller Holmes fell in beside him. Rocha was on the opposite side. The most unappealing sandwich Glover could ever imagine. “Good excursion Mr. Glover?” The acting captain drawled.

    “You…could say that,” Terrence gave a little smile.

    “I heard rumors that a high-level Tzenkethi defector was extracted from M’kemas III,” Rocha ventured. “Using the Rolor Nebula as an escape route. Take quite a pilot to pull that off.”

    “You don’t say,” was all Glover would give the man.

    “After your…assignment, I’m certain you’re tired,” Holmes said.

    “If it’s all the same to you sir, I’m ready to resume my duties.” Glover replied.

    “About that….” The captain began.

    “If I might sir,” Rocha dared. Holmes scowled at him.

    “Gone on Mr. Rocha, you seem more excited about it than I am.”

    Glover looked at each man. “What’s going? What’s happened?”

    Holmes looked morose. “Captain Scott has resigned her commission.”

    “What?” Glover stopped walking. He needed a moment to catch his breath. He forced himself not to reach out for a bulkhead to steady his legs. He didn’t want to show any more weakness around Rocha.

    “Yes Commander,” Holmes dipped his head, regret etched on his face. “She told me the Nyberrite Alliance had offered her a position and she was seriously mulling it over.”

    “I can’t believe this,” Glover said. He wanted to break free from both men and run to his quarters, call up Tryla and hear the news from her directly. As if sensing his thoughts, Holmes said.

    “Before our conservation ended, she told me she left a message for you.”

    Glover’s world was reeling. “I-I…”

    “That’s not all,” Rocha could no longer restrain himself. “Captain Scott’s moving on is an unfortunate loss for Starfleet, but there is one silver lining.”

    Glover wanted to pulverize the man right then. “And what is that?” He demanded.

    “Captain Holmes is no longer acting captain,” Rocha answered. “Renegade is fully his.”


    USS Nagasaki

    Private Quarters

    Three Weeks Later…

    Terrence was glad that the ship that had taken him from Renegade was crewed mostly by Vulcans. They would keep their distance and allow him to stew in his emotions. The most contact he had had with any of the crew once the first officer had been on hand to welcome him aboard was the intense Ensign L’Nira. The wiry woman was the ship’s helm officer and she had escorted him to his quarters and given him an overview of the Galaxy-class ship as they had made the journey.

    The ship’s captain logically-of course-thought that Glover would be able to communicate more effectively with a fellow helm officer, in light of Glover’s well known piloting prowess. Though in their awkward discussion, Terrence got the impression that L’Nira would make a better fit in security.

    And L’Nira had gotten the memo as it were and given him his space after their discussion.

    It was a long way back to Earth, back to Terrence’s new life. Or rather the transition between the old and the new. Glover knew, particularly after reading Tryla’s message to him, and with the reality of Holmes as captain of the Renegade, that that part of his life was over. Now he waited to see where he would go next, what he would do next, who and what was he to become.

    And Glover could think of no better place to reignite the flame of his career than when it was first set ablaze, at Starfleet Academy. He had even finagled a mentoring job for the current Nova Squadron.

    Seeing those fresh young faces might remind him of who he had been, of old dreams that had been sacrificed or compromised to fit current realities, and get back to his first, best self. Or so the man hoped.

    Gazing out at the stars, imagining Tryla on her way to the far off Nyberrite Alliance, he wished the same hope for her.

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    Some time in some future…

    Captain Glover stood at the edge of his bridge. He deigned to turn his back on his crew. He was confident that none would dare strike at the conqueror of Tenaria Prime, the last stronghold of the rebellion.

    The little bit about Captain Sandhurst’s role in smashing the rebel fleet had been jettisoned like Sandhurst had been out of the airlock of his starship. Glover had paid Sandhurst’s woman handsomely to take care of that business. That’s what he got for cavorting with a Bajoran, Glover thought, consigning his one-time rival to the dust.

    Still not looking back, he barked, “When will we arrive at the anomaly?” The captain was not pleased to be diverted from collecting tribute from the Gorn. Collecting tribute from the empire’s vassals was one of the things he enjoyed most about serving the United Order.

    “Less than forty minutes now sir,” Commander Shelby purred. Glover grinned as he looked back at the comely blonde. The woman wore a skin-tight sleeveless skant that left very little to the imagination. He made sure that Jasmine saw that he was ogling the Reprisal’s newest first officer. By Jasmine’s glower Terrence knew that she had gotten the message. The captain's woman was as replaceable as anyone else.

    In fact Glover had made quite a few changes, befitting his new conquering status. Many of the crew that had not met his standards he had remanded to Dr. Katanga or granted them the mercy of the Tantalus field. He would only admit to himself that he felt some regret that Chief Rojas had been one of the eliminated. Glover also felt a pang of regret for dispatching the loyal Tai Donar, but he wanted his vessel purged of all alien taint. He was ready to be a Grand Admiral and had to act like it.

    “Inform the chief engineer to meet me in my Ready Room,” Glover commanded. He turned around to look at Jasmine. “She needs to account for the...latest plasma relay diagnostics.” Jasmine kept her expression neutral, but Terrence was pleased to see the envy roiling in her eyes.

    Glover strode to his office, brimming with the confidence that he had everyone where he wanted them.


    United Order Starship Reprisal

    Ready Room

    Glover nudged the younger woman away from him with his leg. The flushed woman still on her knees looked up at him, fear and hunger dancing in her eyes. “Have I done something to…displease you sir?”

    “Not yet Engineer Barrows,” Glover answered. He adjusted his pants. “Now, about the plasma relays…”

    “Captain Glover,” Shelby’s melodic voice filled the speaker. “Your presence is…desired on the bridge.”

    “Acknowledged,” Glover said. He looked down at the engineer. He took a moment to admire her bare voluptuous form. “Get dressed Engineer Barrows…slowly.”

    Glover helped the woman get dressed. Despite the insistence underlying Shelby’s purr, Glover would not be prodded by anyone. People jumped to him, not the other way around.

    He sauntered onto the bridge, with Barrows following a respectful distance behind. Shelby wasn’t looking so eager to see him this time. Instead her pretty face was marred with concern.

    “What is it Commander?” Glover demanded. The woman didn’t answer. Instead she pointed to the main viewer.

    Glover’s stomach twisted, but he showed no outward sign of distress. The main viewer was nearly filled by a darkened structure, shaped like a tetrahedron.

    “What is that?” Glover barked.

    “Science Officer Strauss,” Shelby smoothly shifted the captain’s ire to the equally blonde, though stressed, woman at the terminal.

    “I-I don’t know sir,” she eventually admitted, flinching as if Glover would turn the Tantalus field on her that instant. “Our sensors are reading massive temporal and extradimensional energies.”

    “This structure is from another dimension?” Shelby demanded.

    “I am…not sure, but I think so,” Strauss replied, keeping her head down. The woman’s timidity did not sit well with Glover. She had been brought aboard Reprisal at Shelby’s recommendation. The talk aboard the ship was that Shelby and Inga Strauss were more than friends, with Shelby being the dominant partner. Glover had no interest to see that relationship play out on the bridge. Now, in his quarters would be another matter.

    “Hail it,” Glover ordered.

    “Hailing frequencies open sir,” Communications Officer Tang piped up.

    Glover waited a moment, seeing if whoever, or whatever, inhabited that structure would reach out to them. He grunted with displeasure after moments of silence. He didn’t like reaching out first, it was a weakness.

    But there was also an opportunity there. He had discovered an extradimensional structure that might yield great boons for the United Order, and more importantly for him. The tetrahedron might contain the means for him not only to become a mere Grand Admiral, but Sovereign of the empire entire.

    Glover planted himself in the middle of the bridge. He stood upright, naked arms folded across his broad chest, impatient that these aliens had not already submitted. The captain snarled, “Alien structure, you have trespassed into the United Order of Planets. You will be boarded or you will be annihilated. Resistance…”

    “…is futile,” the chorus of voices finished the sentence.

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    Hey Darkush,
    I've been reading through this and it's pretty epic. Like Cejay said, it has a little bit of everything. The battle scenes at the beginning were hair-raising and well written.
    I've really enjoyed seeing a young Terrance Glover and his early adventures. Also, as usual, you have some intriguing plot twists and fun homages to other fan fics as well as TOS and just about everything in between. I wasn't aware that Glover was connected to Hudson and Sisco, so that interesting as well. Always fun to see Pell again, too.

    The Pandora's Box devices are pretty cool.
    I have to admit, I'll be reading parts of it again to make sure I'm getting it all, including that strange epilogue.
    But I've had a blast sorting through the different turns.
    Here's hoping you remain active.
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    Nov 18, 2005
    Hey Galen,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a pretty fun story to write so I am glad to know you enjoyed it. I do intend to remain active. This story has sparked a renewed interest in Dark Territory that I hadn't had in months. It was the first story I had completed, if memory serves, all of last year, or one a tiny few at the most. I didn't want to let the UT anniversary past without celebrating it, TOS's 50th anniversary, and a lot of the other fan fiction that inspired me to get into writing fan fiction. I didn't include all the inspirations, but I got a good deal in there. Star Trek 6 is my favorite Star Trek film so I was very happy to play around with some of the characters and one species at least from that film.

    In the first written, though not chronological, DT story, "The Valley of Peace" I established that Terrence was friends with Sisko and Cal. Originally I had intended for the Glover character to be Charlie Reynolds, Sisko's friend who commanded the Starship Centaur. I also had intended for my series to sync up with Trek Lit and the DS9-relaunch that was going on at the time. However the desire for creative freedom and the realization that I wasn't going to keep up reading all of the DS9-R disabused me of my original plan. But with DS9 being my favorite Trek show, I decided to keep those ties between Glover and Sisko. My story "Staring into the Abyss" shines more light on that friendship. And "Conspirata" provided me with an opportunity to focus on Hudson. "Conspirata" owes a large debt to the Trek Lit. story "Catalyst of Sorrows", which also features Admiral Uhura, Sisko, and Tuvok. In fact, I replaced Sisko with Hudson, and Tuvok with Xinran. Originally I was going to use Star Eagle's So'Dan Leva, courtesy of CeJay, but when I looked back at a previous story with Glover and Leva in it, the setting of this story was too early for them to meet.

    I think now that part of my disconnection with DT had been that I hadn't written about Glover in a long time. I had expanded on other characters and ships but not the series' main character. And I missed the guy. I had gotten to a point in the present stories where it was too gloomy, where he was losing a bit too much, and perhaps that subconsciously made me lose some interest in writing him. I attempted to jump forward with the unfinished "Obscura" story, but I feel bad about just leapfrogging all those big moments and I want to go back and tell some of them, perhaps in a truncated fashion. So what was established about the 'future' of many DT characters in "Obscura" is subject to change. It likely won't change much, but that remains to be seen. I'm also in the process now of going back and altering some of the older stories. I've made some revisions to "The Needs of the One" and I look to to the same to the vignettes "Dark Deeds" and "The Unkindest Cut". Rereading those, I realized things weren't synced up. I also have changed "Dearest Blood" and will likely change it more so that all the stories are streamlined. Once I'm done with all that, I'll work on putting those stories up at the United Trek website.

    I'm still grappling with how to move Glover forward, past 2376, but in going back, I feel a renewed energy to carry him forward.

    As for the Pandora Boxes the idea had an impetus in our UT discussions about the Guardian of Forever and also from the TNG novel "The Devil's Heart". The future Federation was inspired in part by the new comic series Waypoint, the Captain Geordi LaForge story, in addition to other things.

    The epilogue was about setting up that universe's Captain Glover to get his just desserts. I really liked writing the Mirror Glover and so I decided to end the story by returning to that universe. If Terrence had to send the Borg cube somewhere he thought that nightmarish reality was the best of the worst. That reality in part was inspired by the Mirror Universe as seen in TOS and ENT, but also from the fan film, "Of Gods and Men". Though it is not the same universe as that film. Its another divergent mirror universe.
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    Sol III, within the universe of United Trek
    That's great. And it's just another reminder that you're one of those UT writers whose work I desperately want to get caught up on.

    A passing thought...the Pandora's Boxes remind me in some ways of the Prism device from the history of my own series. (That's the device that can peer into all realities and timelines for any given person.)
    I never did explain who built the Prism or where it came from but it's set to be discussed in an upcoming story and again in a future installment. Section 31 and a competing shadow organization have been searching for it for decades.

    We could say the Pandora's Boxes and the Prism originated from the same place or species, just as a UT continuity thing that might be cool. We can always PM about it later.

    Again, great stuff. Glad to see you up and about again.
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  8. CeJay

    CeJay Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Feb 5, 2006
    Still working my way through this but wanted to give some feedback.

    Always like a good spy thriller filled with mystery and intrigue and so far this story doesn't disappoint. Brining back Valeris and Uhura, having these two cross paths again after Trek 6 is really interesting and answers the question what the traitorous Vulcan has been up to. Her loyalties have clearly been all over the place, but the fact that she ended up with the Romulans makes a lot of sense. I wonder if she ran into Ambassador Spock? Then again he might not be operating on Romulus for a few more years.

    The most fascinating character so far is Valeris' daughter. Her passion and forcefulness is almost Klingon in its intensity but then as it turns out, maybe that was just part of the act she was playing. As it turns out she had her own secret which now looks as if it has spelled doom for Glover and company. But then, is there yet another layer to her as well? And is there some sort of deeper connection between her and Glover. I can't wait for the next surprise this story will spring.

    Great storytelling so far!
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  9. DarKush

    DarKush Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 18, 2005
    Galen and CeJay,

    Thank you both for reading and commenting.

    Galen, the thought of linking the ideas sounds fine with me. That would be pretty cool. I had tried to write the scenes with Sisko in a way that that future Federation is just one future, but there could be others. I didn't want to lock the UT into that path but at the same time I wanted to give myself some space to explore Civilization, Pandora Boxes, Stygians, Revenants, again at some points, or several points down the road.

    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself about not being caught up on the other UT works. I'm not either. Perhaps I could've made a better UT connections and homages in "Conspirata" if I had been more caught up on the UT. But I did what I could and what I thought the story allowed, with what I had read, plus the handy UT wiki.


    I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I decided to go back to the old ways I did things and instead of presenting a work in progress with drips and drabs of work, to just finish it and then present the whole thing. It actually helped me a lot. It allowed me to make the necessary revisions and not jerk readers around by going back and changing things too much, or scrapping the project, and starting over.

    As I said before, I loved Star Trek 6 so any chance to revisit that is cool. And I liked Valeris and Uhura, and had not written about either of them before. Though D'Noth had included Uhura in at least one of his stories before. When writing this story I had assumed that Valeris and Spock had not met since she went to the Romulan Star Empire, but there's nothing definitive in the story that says that, so if you've got an idea, perhaps a Johnathan Owens/Samson Glover team-up idea in the Lost Era involving Valeris and Spock, I'm all pointed ears.
  10. Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 25, 2005
    US Pacific Northwest
    I'm right up to where Uhura recruits Terrance for her nefarious plans.

    Glover's always been one of my favorite UT characters, and I love getting to see a younger, less self-assured Terrence threading the career gauntlet of Starfleet. TC has always seemed to be (at least, prior to his abduction years later) a potent mix of ambition, egotism and tactical genius, but possessing a genuinely good heart, which is a rarity to find combined with the other two traits.

    Terrence is good, and he knows it, and he wants you to know it, too. The fact that he leaves a trail of broken hearts and flaming relationships behind him is just par for the course, fuel on the pyre of his ambitions.

    A wonderful start!
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  11. pio1776

    pio1776 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 9, 2017
    oh wow, this is just awesome! Loved Ben Sisko, and Terrence is actually not an asshole like in the other stories I've read.

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  12. DarKush

    DarKush Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 18, 2005
    Thanks Gibraltar, CeJay, and Pio1776,

    Pio1776, it's always great to hear from a new commentor. I'm glad you liked the story, and it appears you've read other DT stories as well, so thank you for that. I'm glad you liked the Sisko and Terrence scenes. I don't know if I got Sisko's voice right and its been such a long time since I've seen DS9 and lived in that world enough to remember or think about the tone or the phrases he might use. Though to be honest though, I didn't get hung up on that when I wrote this story. I didn't think about it at all. I just wrote it. So I'm glad that it came through. Though I don't think Glover would thank you. He would tell you you've got him all wrong.

    Gibraltar, it's always good to hear from you. Your description of Terrence is pretty spot-on. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
  13. pio1776

    pio1776 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 9, 2017
    Well, I always wanted to write a trek fanfic story but all attempts have failed in the past. Still, am willing to try it one day soon.
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  14. admiralelm11

    admiralelm11 Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jan 17, 2009
    Vancouver, WA
    DarKush, you wrote a great story. It was very interesting. I can't wait to see what you do with Terrance Glover next.
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  15. DarKush

    DarKush Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 18, 2005
    Pio1776 and Admiralelm 11,

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. Pio, I recommend just keep at it. It took me a while to come up with Dark Territory, there was a lot of jotting notes down, changing things, character names and so forth. But ultimately I say just write the story and perhaps the creative process will eventually take hold. If there is a particular character, ship, or storyline from a Trek movie, series, episode, or novel or comic that you want to expand on or you wished had gone in another direction, perhaps that can be the impetus to write your story. Also it doesn't hurt at all to start small. Set out to write a small story and once you complete it, I think it will help you realize that you can do more small stories and eventually larger stories.

    With Dark Territory, I was a DS9 fan, I like 24th century Trek the best, so I started out writing shortly after the Dominion War. Originally the plan was to follow the Trek Lit. universe and the DS9-relaunch, but I broke away from that. I wanted to do more of my own thing. If there's a particular time line that you prefer that might help with your creative process. The main thing is to have fun while you're doing it.

    Admiralelem 11, I appreciate your comments. I too look forward to seeing what Terrence does next.
  16. pio1776

    pio1776 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 9, 2017
    I posted a possibility here on the boards, titled Olympus Mons: Hounds of Sirius. It's set in 2154 and has to do with the Romulan War (I read the ENT books and knew I could do better...)
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  17. CeJay

    CeJay Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Feb 5, 2006
    Oh man, just finished this and I gotta say, I'm absolutely loving this story. No lie.

    First off: SPOILER ALERT!

    You took this to places I didn't expect, except perhaps that every female of similar age and not related to him by blood would be attracted to Terrence and vice versa. I have come to accept that about him though, its become ingrained as a part of his character and we already know that his trouble with women will continue for years and be a lot less pleasant for him in the future.

    The plot was truly and unexpectedly epic with the inclusion of Prophet Sisko and the alternate timelines. The concept of Civilization was particularly fascinating and truly a departure for usual Trek futures, even if it was reminiscent to at least a small degree to how the Borg operate.

    The time travel and the hard reset was terrifically done, and I loved the way Terrence found himself in a position to challenge every one's secret agendas and totally change his approach. And the story still gave us more than enough twists to keep things exciting.

    You might need to remind me about the Pandora's Boxes though. They are a terrific plot device and it was clear that Terrence knew quite a bit about these through previous encounters but I can't recall them. Are they making their debut here or were they mentioned in previous stories. If this is the first time we've come across them, I'd love to read a prequel if one doesn't already exist. There's clearly another great story there.

    I also delighted in the ending, and not just the fact that you answered my burning question as to which of the Romulan ladies Terrence would end up choosing (Curveball: Both of them! At the same time!). I was really concerned when Uhura was killed and thinking to myself, didn't she show up in other UT stories later on? The resolution to that was quite brilliant and a nice nod, once again to Trek 6.

    Equally liked the memory wipe which considering some of the things Terrence has learned here, particularly around his sister, was both cruel and heart-breaking. But it ensures that this story fits neatly with the rest of Glover's history which will follow these events. It also absolutely screams for a follow-up where we get to meet some of these forgotten characters once again.

    The final epilogue was brilliant as well and I love that Terrence had the presence of mind to think of one of the worst possible universe to send the Borg. I mean, sure, for a second or so I was a bit jealous of super-douchy mirror-Terrence, who in many ways is simply the regular Terrence without impulse control and total power, taken to the extreme. He gets whats coming to him. I guess a shame for the gazillion other people who happen to share a universe with him.

    It's been a while since you ventured into long-form fan fic, I believe, but this was a true return to the heydays of Dark Territory and hopefully the beginning of much more.

    Outstanding work, sir.
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  18. DarKush

    DarKush Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 18, 2005

    Thanks for reading always and for the kind words and insightful commentary. My apologies for not responding to your wonderful post a couple months back. I've been working on other stories, working out the idea of the Pandora Boxes and I was holding off. I'm still working on those ideas, but didn't want time to pass any longer.

    This was the first story that I introduced the Pandora Boxes. For a long time I had thought about doing a Glover family outing with the Susan Bano character, but I never go far with my attempts. So I made sure to include Susan in this story.

    But the boxes, which are inspired by Babylon 5 Crusade's Apocalypse Box and also the Malkus Artifacts from The Brave and Bold Trek Lit. novels, were introduced into this story. Now that I've set it up it might be easier to write the story about how Glover first encountered them.

    This story also provided a great opportunity to create a relationship between Glover and Admiral Owens which I had long wanted to do but couldn't get the story right. And also to introduce Glover's sister.

    I did really enjoy the Mirror Universe Glover so I might return to that ship and crew at a later time. Or maybe just do a story of series of stories set into particular Mirror Universe.