USS Vengeange schematics, and the dislike to USS explained

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    Not only that, but also consider that not only is the registry number, but also the vessel name, hatch markings and hull warnings are in ENGLISH.

    Given the argument that the UFP is a multi-world, multi-species organization and thus, the USS prefix to the registry number is inappropriate, where is the argument that in a United Earth why is English the only language we see written or used in an official capacity. You'd expect at the minimum it would be like Canada, where things are in both English and French.. but there are far too many Earth languages to do everything in all of the major ones.

    The rabbit hole is revealed... just roll with it.
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    ...Naturally, the Universal Translator is the solve-all here as always. We know it allows us to read alien text as plain English through our TV sets (such as in "Errand of Mercy" or "Blink of an Eye"); it also translates human text for us (such as German/Ekosian in "Patterns of Force"). We have every indication it provides the same service for our heroes, who are able to comprehend such texts (say, in "Patterns of Force", or the myriad adventures where our heroes read alien text such as "Investigations"). When it does not, or is not required to, this elicits comments from our heroes ("Bread and Circuses").

    No doubt the name painted on Admiral Marcus' pet project ship reads as KVG Odddnehram to Tellarite eyes. Whether "odddnehram" means "vengeance" or "the smell of my grandmother's hooves" in that language can then be debated, to everybody's cultural satisfaction, especially the Tellarites'.

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    United StarShip - or United SpaceShip - were said during TOS. The "USS" being American is more perceived inference than fact. And, why not, do you know what "USSR" stands for? "USS" seems closer to that than "US".

    UFP has numerous types of craft. USS = United SpaceShip (or StarShip). They probably have boats that are United Speed Boat, though that might confuse certain people with Universal Serial Bus... ditto for the public transit service, United Speedy Busing... but nobody's yet mentioned "United Shipping Aeroplane", though at least teleportation technology takes care of that... I think this is a tad silly, and "USS" was never an acronym given to pump up America or the Soviet Union or the Unimpressed Salamander Society.

    And to compare another series, the number of Americans demanding the police box in "Doctor Who" be turned into the style of phone booth Bill & Ted and Superman used because they can't stand things that look British is a whopping 0. Or the portapotty used in numerous spoof cartoons...

    If the canon title is "USS Vengeance", may as well stick with that even though the movies arguably retconned the franchise's entire history just to cash in on nostalgic catchphrases and tropes - we should be more offended that Kirk never banged a green woman in TOS or that Kelvinville took a bunch of random TOS images and cobbled up the most superficial, generic combination. And intellectually void, even TOS had Kirk explaining what love was to oppressed people for crying out loud.

    Of course, we could make a new show where they have their own terminology but apply a Trek-like feel to make sure nobody feels remotely taken aback due to an imaginary term that was unable to monopolize its letters to prevent misunderstanding, nor created with any malintent.

    NCC/UFP are not warlike in of themselves. Star Trek series have frequently stated they are diplomatic and exploratory and use combat for self-defense. Never mind the key word, "United", since Star Trek's premise suggests/pretends humanity in the future all somehow got together and unified (don't ask how, but just presume they sang folks songs and smoked illicit substances, since this show came about during the ill-fated hippie era that the rest of the world didn't toe the line on to begin with.) The show overtly states, way too often, it is not warlike (unlike Klingons and Romulans and the Dominion), so why attempt an apocryphal retcon? I don't disagree with HMS, but only real people in the UK are able to change their nomenclature. Whether you like it or not, the franchise itself still preemptively discounts the perceived inference and attempted retcon.
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    What do you mean "we are"? That statement of yours should be "we were", since STAR TREK has always been about humanity finally being mature enough to deal with other species as equals, even in the face of aggression (like the Klingons, for instance).
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    U.S.S. has always stood for United Star Ship in the TOS series. Some say United space ship, but the intro does say "these are the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise " yes the UFP is the united federation of planets but if you do that to the Enterprise then all members of the UFP should have to follow suit. Klingon ship UFP K'Tinga. Doesn't quite work.
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    I remember thinking when i saw the Vengeance on screen that it could've passed as the Kelvin version of the Excelsior class.
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    Does this discussion really belong to the Kelvin forum?

    I guess it's something for "General Trek", because it concerns most starfleet ships (Kelvin AND Prime Universe)