USS Saratoga (Miranda Class) Flyby


Red Shirt
About 20 years ago I made this model in Maya using NURBS, and it sat on my hard drive for the longest time. I never got around to converting it to polygons and giving it a decent texturing job, but a few years ago I finally did it. During the pandemic lockdowns, I had more time on my hands and I did some UVs and then created the textures with substance painter.

Having been experimenting with UE5 over the past few months, I recently made some flyby shots of it. After adding an engine rumble sound effect, I was reminiscing on how mystery box episodes were my fav from TNG. So I added a soundtrack that was a bit more ominous. Well one thing lead to another, and the end result kinda implies a crossover of an unusual kind :)

F*** me that is gorgeous. The time expended on the textures was well spent, and your lighting and videography is spot-on. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to render this scene, and on what kind of equipment?
Thanks guys!

IIRC, the raw footage itself from 3D took about 3 hours to render. I got the whole thing done in a couple of weekends once I had set out to actually do something with this model. Im running a core i9 10900k with 128GB and an RTX3090.