Unused crossover ideas

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    Guinan was meant to appear in the second season episode 'Rivals' with her son but Whoopi Goldberg was unavailable

    Also there were rumours Scotty was going to appear, and they wanted Leonard Nimoy to play Mirror Spock once more.

    On Yahoo! Directory about 15 years ago (I have a memory for these things!!) there was an alleged unused script for a Picard episode, I can't remember the premise!

    Sita Jaxa and Thomas Riker were also mooted for a return (Source : http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Undeveloped_Star_Trek:_Deep_Space_Nine_episodes )

    Deep Space Nine through the years was visited by a lot of familiar faces. We could have seen some more.

    In USTV, crossovers have become a commonplace, for example the CSI and Law and Order franchise as well as other show like Murder She Wrote/Magnum PI and even 2.5 Men/CSI. A common practice is a two-episode story with each show having either Part 1 or 2.

    It's a pity TNG/DS9 didn't take advantage of this even though we had the comics and Birthright I, but Trek only ever crossed over 1 or 2 characters at a time. The shows were all shot at Paramount. The closest we've had is the fan film 'Operation Beta Shield' with the crews of Hidden Frontier and Intrepid, which is ironic as their respective bases are Los Angeles, CA and Dundee, Scotland! Divided by the Atlantic AND most of America!
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    I think DS9 would have been a nice platform to see some more Pulaski. IIRC she was in a comic based on DS9, based upon the Maquis.
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    I remember the Scotty rumors. If I remember correctly, he was either going to be part of a multi-episode arc or he was going to be a Garak-like semi-regular.

    I thought there were plans for a Data episode as well. Or maybe it was that Data was the other option when they wanted to add a TNG cast member in the fourth season.
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    I think that it is still a shame that the TNG crew where not on Worf's wedding
  5. JarodRussell

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    In general it makes no sense that the Enterprise NEVER ever appeared during the Dominion War. Not docked at DS9 for repairs, not even in the background during important space battles.
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    They were planning to have them, but timing schedules didn't work out so they had to drop the idea... :(

    I think there was a scene cut from First Contact, that hints to the TNG crew having their own party when they next saw him...
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    I like crossovers in that they give character interaction. Now there was one sceen where the Odyssey crew were wearing the TNG uniforms and DS9 were wearing what would become Voyager-standard uniforms.

    I was hoping DS9 uniforms were for stations and TNG uniforms were for ships.
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    I was always surprised that there was never a TNG episode where the Enterprise went to the Gamma Quadrant and took a few DS9 folks along.
  9. M.A.C.O.

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    A couple of things

    1. The TNG crew crossing over with the DS9 crew. Even if it was for just a two parter would've been cool.

    2. Bring back Capt Jellico! Our resident Cardassian expert was given command of the flagship the last time there was to be a war with the Carddies but in the Dominion Arc we see neither hide nor hair of him.

    3. Bring back Capt Maxwell from TNG the Wounded. After doing "hard time" in those Federation penal resorts they send criminals to in this era. It be awesome to see such a captain given a ship to fight the Cardassians again.

    4. A more in your face dealing with Section 31, Starfleet Command and the Federation council. With the bent actions and support for those actions by these 3 groups in INS and DS9 "The Dogs Of War". Concerning the sanctioning of the use of the morphogenic virus and the Council voting to withhold the vaccine, and the removal of the Ba'ku from their home planet. I'd love to see Sisko or Picard confront them over how the government is being run. Sisko seemed to complacent given his own guilt from "In the Pale Moonlight". Bashir tried to confront Adm Ross but was struck down. Picard could be more forceful in the confrontation with the Section, Command or Council.

    With what we've seen most recently in STID with Adm Marcus and the Enterprise, and you think about Adm Carthwright setting up the Ent-A in TUC and Adm Doughtery willing to throw the Ent-E under the bus for the particles in INS. Is the Federation government and Starfleet so bent that they don't care about sacrificing the flagship of the fleet because it doesn't line up with the agenda the Fed is pushing at the moment?
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    That was the original idea - the in-development show that became Voyager was going to use the abandoned uniform designs from Generations.
  11. T'Girl

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    Especially after it was proven that everything he was saying about the Cardassians was true.

    Alternate him with appearances by Admiral Ross, or even largely replace Ross with Maxwell.

    I have always want to see the full Council in session, have one of our Captains addressing it. Creating all the Council members would be a CGI fest. Actually I would prefer Captain Kirk over one of the other captains, Picard would be a more eloquent speaker, but Kirk a more passionate one.

    I envision addressing the full Federation Council would look something like this.


    In the opposite of you, I would have loved to have seen Picard being dressed down by the full Council for his actions in the Baku matter.

    In the case of upper Starfleet Command or the Council, they might find themselves harshly reminded that when it comes right down to it, neither of them are particularly important.

  12. M.A.C.O.

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    I don't disagree with you T'Girl. From what I read in Piller's book "Fade In", I always assumed Picard being put in his place and threatend being stripped of his command was the intention in INS but it never happened. I don't think StarFleet or the Federation Council is above saying or doing these things but things not shown or said on screen are as as good as it never happening.

    Picard is the captain of the flagship but we've seen in TNG "Chain of Command" that the ship can be changed over to another captain quite easily. But it could have been written in a way that Picard either swallows this pill and follows orders or gets drummed out of Starfleet. With all the dirty and ugly things Starfleet did to win the Dominion War, we can imagine Picard would rather stay and make any actions the ENT and crew commit to his decisions rather than pass the buck to the next obscure captain they have waiting to command a ship.

    Also I really wish they did something with Riker and Data taking command of ships in the Dominion War. It was appropriate in TNG "Redemption". Why not repeat that?
  13. TheSubCommander

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    Considering I can't stand Guinan, or Whoopie Goldber for that matter, I am forever greatful that never happened.

    I would have been down for both of those. Scotty visiting for at least one episode, would have been nice, especially when Kor was on station! Could have been epic to see two TOS era former enemies make peace (yeah I know TUC sort of did that, but not one on one). Mirror Spock would have been awesome! Somehow the DS9 mirror universe episodes seemed to mostly just suck.

    It is almost criminal that at least one more Thomas Riker episode never appeared. Even if just to kill him off. We needed SOME kind of resolution to his story!

    That would have been AMAZING! Jellico SHOULD have made an appearence, especially trying to boss Sisko around when e was still a Commander! And for that matter, I am surprised Gul Madred never appeared, either!

    If Maxwell were the LEADER of the Masquis, that would have even been better, IMHO.

    I also wish we got to see some refit Constitution class ships during the Season 6-7 war arcs...if things were that bad for the Federation, it would totally have made sense to see some Constitution class ships dragged out of mothball! I mean Miranda and Excelsior classes made frequent appearances!
  14. M.A.C.O.

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    ^ Maybe the Federation was losing the war so badly because the bulk of their ships were century old models. Excelsior and Miranda class really?

    When you have Defiant, Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, Akira and Prometheus class and how much durable and tactically superior those ships are. Whoever was making tactical/battle strategies at StarFleet needs to have their heads checked.
  15. Bry_Sinclair

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    I'd loved to have seen Sito Jaxa return, I never thought she was dead.
  16. JarodRussell

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    I would have loved to see Sisko in First Contact. Picard, who got raped by the Borg, and Sisko, who lost his wife to the Borg and who still has a mistrust with Picard because of that. Sisko's role in this would be a merge of Worf and Lily. I get chills just imagining how the "The line must be drawn here" scene would have played with Sisko instead of Lily.
  17. Crazyewok

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    I honnestly think 75% had no idea what a good idea was if it came up and bit them in the arse. Even Gene Rodenberry became worse than usless by the time of TNG.

    Considering how stupid half the producers are I would have been surprised if DS9 and TNG had worked out even half as good as they did and didnt end up consitantly like Voyager and Ent at its worst moments.
  18. Shaka Zulu

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    Here's the whole speech that I'm really showing:


    The whole idea behind the Dominion War was for it not to be a cakewalk for the Federation-another 'kick in our complacency' to quote Picard. War sometimes is like that, as was the Vietnam War for the USA and for France.
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    As someone had already said I think the Miranda and Excelleois were not in the same shape they were 100 years ago.

    Chances are they have the latest sheilds and were possible weapons installed. There only down side Im betting is there speed as replaceing a weapons or sheild banks is going to be much easier than replaceing the entire engines. And im guessing armor will be a pig to update.

    The Lakota seemed to be able to handle its own against the defiant so im guessing Excelloirs at least should not be counted out
  20. Lighthammer

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    I do feel compelled to toss this out.

    Crossover episodes while always extremely cool do tend to be endlessly difficult if two series are running at the same time due to SGA guidelines.

    I'm no SGA expert, but I know there are a ton of provisions in SGA contracts that asks for some absorbent amount of money for one actor in a series to appear in multiple series airing at the same time. It's not as easy as "hire them as a guest star for this episode" or "You're working 40 hours this week, but you're spending 10 of those hours on the TNG set". SGA does a lot of great things for actors, but it makes crossovers needlessly complicated and expensive :-\. It's simply not practical to have an entire cast from one series show up in another series.

    That being said, even with this explanation in full view, considering Picard commanded the 7th Fleet; as much as they are talked about through DS9, one would have expected the Enterprise would have shown up more often then it did, especially for the series finale!