Unidentified Spacecraft in Into Darkness

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    I also don't see an NX/Connie/Refit/Excelsior/Ambassador/Galaxy/Sovereign evolution. I see evolution from NX-class to Akira class (with FASA's Loknar in-between), one from Excelsior to Sovereign (the latter coming with a half-sized version, Voyager and a mini version, Nova), from Constitution to Ambassador etc etc.

    And of course, if the Sovereign can have the 2 smaller sister classes Intrepid and Nova, why can't the AU Starfleet have decided to make the Constitution-class a Sovereign-scale ship in one timeline and an Intrepid-scale ship in another? Particularly with different people with different ideals running Starfleet in the two histories (Admiral Nogura and Admiral Marcus)
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    The page in M'Sharaks's link mentions a "brown hull variant". I adjusted the brightness & contrast on the screencap, so maybe it got more reddish as a result.
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    At one point during pre-production for TWOK, the producers wanted the Reliant to be colored yellow (I don't know if this was before or after the decision to make the Reliant a new design instead of another Connie, but I gather that it was after). Thankfully that didn't happen.

    This red ship might have been left-over CGI from the fist film, as the ship chart in the Art of the movie book lists a red Armstrong-type vessel with the name Excelsior.
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    Maybe to ensure the warp field around the ship is even and not lop sided favoring the side of the nacelle?
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    ^ Since all Federation ships are symmetrical, why would that be a problem? On any ship with an odd number of nacelles, the third nacelle (or, in the Freedom class, the ONE nacelle) is always in the middle.
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    Well, it's been a long while since I've got excited about an underused, hard to spot background ship.

    JJverse...you just got yourself a new Akira class!
    (Personally, while fandom went crazy over the Akira I much preferred the even more underrated Steamrunner tbh)

    I fully expect the producers to latch on to this soon and make a pre-TOS series with this class in, but the nacelles switched around ;)
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    Maybe we will see more of this ship.