Unaired Pilots on DVD

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    Three's Company didn't get accepted until its third pilot. The first two pilots are specials on the S2 and S3 DVDs respectively.
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    The Charmed pilot did make it to DVD - it was included in the 'deluxe box set' which came out last Christmas.
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    I don't know if I would want to see it as I grew used to Harvey Kietel as Gene, and the rest of the cast changes. Honestly, I don't think I would want to watch any un-aired pilot, there would be too many changes that would seem out of place with the newer story lines that the writers created.
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    ^ Apart from how much different Sam looks, and of course the different Gene (I thought Colm Meaney was fine in that role), I thought it was weird that somebody like Lenny Clarke - who is pretty much a living incarnation of Boston - would play an L.A. cop.

    Hmm, maybe they should have actually set the show *in* Boston? They could have had Clarke as Gene, and Denis Leary (or, better yet, Nick DiPaolo) as Ray. Of course if they did that, they'd have to call the show Life on Mahs. :lol:
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    Another one: The unsold pilot for the TV series version of L.A. Confidential (with Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Vincennes) is included on the recent special edition DVD of the movie.
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    The original unscreeened version of Doctor Who's opening episode is also on DVD.
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    Jul 6, 2004
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    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    Why? What's so bad about the original Buffy pilot?

    IIRC, the unaired pilot is pretty much the same as the aired version. All that's different is it has a different opening title sequence and Rod Serling isn't the narrator.

    Although the full unaired pilot for Tru Calling isn't included on the DVDs, it does include all of the deleted scenes that were re-shot when they revamped the cast for the series slightly. Originally, Tru was going to have a friend named Cameron (who was basically her version of Xander from Buffy). But I guess they figured that, between Harrison, Davis, & Lindsay, Tru had enough confidantes already. His scenes in the pilot were later reshot with Tru having pretty much the exact same conversations but with Davis or Lindsay instead. Although you can still see him a few times in the aired pilot towards the beginning sitting next to Lindsay during Tru's graduation & the graduation after-party.

    I wish they would release the unaired pilot of Wonderfalls. IIRC, the major difference was that it had different actors playing Aaron & Mahandra.
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    The original Buffy pilot (which was only 30 minutes long as I recall) had a hilarious place-setter "special effect" of a vamp dusting. It was basically a pile of chalk dust that decreased in size in stop-motion. Also, the actress playing Willow had about fifty pounds on Aly Hannigan; not this would have been a bad thing it's just a difference.
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    Gotta love Joss´ comments on the pilot in the old IGN interview:
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    It's not just pilots. I was devastated to see that neither the Voyager Season 7 or Enterprise Season 4 DVDs included the unaired finales, the ones that actually had decent plots/resolutions.....