U.S.S. Wounded Knee (Variant of John Eaves design)

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    In late 2018, designer John Eaves was asked to create a new Federation starship design for the upcoming 'What We Left Behind' documentary about the cast, crew and legacy of the 'Deep Space Nine' TV series.

    This ship was intended to feature as a 'what if' concept for an imagined Season 8 where the writers got together to share their ideas about what they might have envisioned if another season been created. In this proposed time line, Ezri Dax would now be a Captain, and her new vessel would be named the USS Emmett Till. This is the design that John Eaves created: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/st….

    This is just my slight re-tweaking of the design, in which I've removed the elements I wasn't so fond of. Those being the dual neck section and the extra set of warp nacelles. I think this version has a more standardized 'hero ship' look to it.

    As for the name, (which I have since found to be quite controversial), it came from a bit of research into the U.S.S. Emmett Till. According to the Memory Beta page, other inspirations for the name of the vessel were individuals like Medgar Evers and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, and events like Wounded Knee.

    For the record, the USS Khitomer and the USS Tian An Men both set a precedence of commemorating the name of a place where some kind of mass slaughter occurred. These names were used in the spirit of remembering those who had fallen and observing the warning of history, so that such events don't occur again. They are NOT named as such, to CELEBRATE these events. That should go without saying, but hey, this is the Internet.

    NOTE: All credits go to John Eaves for creating the original design and picture. This is not my work, just a slightly edited variation of the original that I, personally, prefer.
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    I've never been a fan of those double neck designs either, and more ships to commemorate the fallen in the long tale of woe that is the struggle for human rights is certainly justified. As for the design, I prefer what you have done to the linked version. I am not a fan of late 24C prime timeline ship designs, generally speaking. ENT-E is maybe my least favorite of all the "Enterprises". Having said that, this is well done technically.
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    I like this ship design. Nice modification of the original Eaves design also.
    @Tarek71 Glad to see I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of the Enterprise E. It is also my least favorite of the designs. It'd need some modifications for me to accept it better.
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    USS Gate of Heavenly Peace.

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    Nicely done! Will you be making a 3d model of the variant along with the full orthos?
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    The events took place at Tian An Men; translating the name into english defeats the entire purpose (which was to memorialise said events).

    Besides, the translation - with all its religious connotations - seems hardly fit for a starship...