Trying to remember an old research site

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    I think its safe to say the site I'm looking for no longer exists, but maybe I can pull it up in Internet Archive.

    I was trying to describe it the other day to someone, this was a Star Trek and other genre show reference and episode recap database site long before Wiki and MemoryAlpha type of sites, so I'm talking late 1990s-early 2000s (I'm pretty sure this site ceased updating content around when Voyager was wrapped and Enterprise started).

    Anyway, thing that impressed me about it, and why I'm trying to recall where it was, was that it literally catologed and charted every appearance a character made in a TV show by season and such. And this was back in the VHS days, so tracking who appeared in what episodes (for example, I'll use Colm Meaney on DS9 still being in the credits for episodes where he didn't appear due to filming The Comittments) was way more daunting than it would be a few years later, or especially today with mobile device streaming options.

    So does anyone remember this site more clearer than I apparantly do? I'd love to see if I can pull those charts up in
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    I don't know if it's any of these, I have a lot of ship sites, but some are pretty old. Capture.JPG