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    It's not the same teaser. They reshot it. Flynn is different (in the original, he's bald; here, he's got hair). Also, in the original, Flynn lives in a glass walled enclosure above the game arena. Here, it's a mountaintop retreat thing.

    The game arena itself is a lot more elaborate in the second version, as well (the original doesn't have the canyons or most of the other stuff like the spiral staircase thingy). And the 'blue soldier' has more dialogue (in addition to "it's just a game", he also says "You won, okay?"). Plus, the blue guy never showed his face in the original.
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    Jul 25, 2009
    Looks nice.

    I just re watched Tron not too long ago so this is one of the few upcoming movies I am looking forward to seeing.
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    It's being reported that he's confirmed that he is in the film, that he had a small part, but that he finished filming it a few weeks ago and that the studio was aiming for a Christmas 2010 release date at the London Film & Comic Con (18-19 Jul)
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    They added the Disney logo, but overall it's the same presentation. Flynn was not bald in last year's and the game grid had the spiral ramp etc. Sound is distorted but he does say "You won, ok?!" in last year's. Here's a link to last year's (it's misnamed, but it has the "TR2N" logo at the end and the crowd cheers match the ones from other videos of last year's trailer):
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    Can't wait for this movie!:D
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    Just watched the trailer for this again today and its looks great.
    But what is up with the 3D thing?
    Do i have to have those glasses on to watch it and how many theaters will actually do the 3D thing?

    Think they will release the movie on Blu-ray without the 3D glasses cause not like i wont lose those things and hard to watch the movie without them.

    Though i havent watched a 3D movie in years so not sure how much its been improved and if you still need the glasses or not.
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    Yep. You still need the glasses. But, it's not like the red/blue lenses. It's like wearing sunglasses...sorta.

    UP! was in 3-D, lots of fun.

    Though, 3-D isn't such a selling point for me personally.
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    Still looks like a slick ass movie. I never really got super-into the original TRON, but I do recall thinking it was pretty cool and I think maybe I was too young at the time to really "get it" I thought it was confusing LOL

    I'll have to rent it or something, just to prep myself for Tron Legacy!

    And hey... it has the Dude!
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    Tron just blew me away back in the day when i was a kid.. it was definitely one of the most coolest movies then alongside Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws etc..

    I can't remember how many variations of the cycle race i have played over the years and it just became a cult movie.

    That they're doing a sequel after all these years and it looks so amazing just puts my inner nerd into overdrive.. i so hope the story matches the legend and we won't get disappointed on that aspect of the movie.

    The cast is beyond approach.. i can't recall a single bad movie Bridges has done so i have the utmost faith in the casting.

    Please don't let it suck, 'kay?